Is it still 2019?

Hey everybody!
Goodness we’re keeping busy around here.  With the monthly auctions to raise money for scholarships, making Pinnacle pens for Vanness, trying to keep up with my orders and making production pens on the new CNC for inventory and to have at shows, and even helping my art teacher buddy out with his printing press, there’s never a moment to rest.  It’s not all work, I squeeze in a little video game play at night, too.  X)

New auction pens are going up today – I’m changing the main auction page – all the old auctions will remain visible forever as links below the newest open auctions.  Hopefully this will help with people seeing comments and making bids on new auction pens they want.

What’s coming up – let’s see – still modifying old Vanishing Points, Sailor KOPs, and Pelikans that you send to me.  Going to attempt a Montblanc 149 very soon.  It’s been on the table for a while just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

PEN SHOWS – Arkansas is March 15-17, Atlanta is April 5-7, Chicago is May 3-5.  More later.

SCHOLARSHIPS – If you’re a high school senior about to go into college, tech school, beauty school, vo-tech, whatever, apply for our scholarship now!  Deadline to apply is April 13th!

That’s all I can think of for now, but if you have any questions, holler!  🙂



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