The new Preston fountain pen – and are you gonna miss Red Lobster?

Hey Everybody it’s that special time in a pen maker’s life when I get to release something new (at least new to me, b/c as we’ve learned and keep learning, there is NOTHING new under the sun 😂).

At the 2023 Chicago pen show one of my favorite regulars asked me if I would be able or willing or interested in making a fountain pen with the same sort of profile shape as my Preston ballpoint.

I drew a sketch out, and exactly 2 days before the 2024 Chicago pen show made a few prototypes to bring to the show.  She and several other people bought one or two of those prototypes, and when I got back home and had more time, I worked on refining the shape a bit.

The Preston ballpoint next to one of the newer prototypes to highlight the similarity:

I wanted to make them in two sizes: one longer that could use a converter, and a shorty that would be short cart or eyedropper only.
The Long (with open style section)-

And the Shorty (with a more traditional covered section)-

The long posted okay but the barrel taper needed some adjusting.  The short didn’t post very well at all, and the Dandelion in Snow version above only posts b/c I took my Nicholson to it and shaped the barrel a bit more by hand so that it would post.  I can do the same on the others at request, but for now only the one posted nicely.

Why bother making it post at all?  Yeah I hear you at your keyboards.  Posting damages the barrel!  Or something something…  🙂
For me (and I don’t post most of my pens either) if a pen looks like it should post, then it better post, and post well.  Susan Wirth made sure to tell me all about that right after I started making pens, at the 2012 Arkansas Pen Show, and it stuck.  Even before that though, when I was just buying and collecting and loving every bit of it, I was IRRITATED beyond description when a pen that looked like it should post just WOULDN’T.

So after Chicago I went back to work on my finishing station (sanding and buffing) to make it better at…. no wait hold on…

So after Chicago I started work on the Preston again.
First up is the Long.  I really like the open section for this shape, so that’s going to be the standard across both sizes-

You can see I have posting where I want it, and these all have the open style section with a longer threaded tenon to make capping less fiddly.

And the Shorty shown here with the adjusted barrel shape that allows for  proper posting.

I made several more prototypes with more traditional design.  These don’t take converters.  They’re a sort of in between of the Shorty and the Long.  Once this group is gone these won’t get made again-

And I’ll be using these wheel clips as long as I can keep getting them-

All of these will all get uploaded to the store tomorrow after I’ve had my morning coffee.  🙂  So check back around lunch (that’ll be Wednesday May 22, ’24).


Have you ever been to Red Lobster?  I just heard they’re filing for bankruptcy.  I’ve never been, but tried once with my wife maybe 5 or 6 years ago.  I had heard so many good things about their cheese biscuits I thought let’s go.  We walked in the front door and the smell punched me in the face.  I couldn’t run out of their fast enough.  Sea food is not for me.  😂

If you have any questions about anything, holler at me.  [email protected]

Thanks!  And see you at the Pacific Northwest Pen show in July (13 & 14).

7 thoughts on “The new Preston fountain pen – and are you gonna miss Red Lobster?”

  1. When they brought Red Lobster into Maine everyone chuckled. They didn’t last too long. They remodeled them and they became the Olive Garden which was owned by the same company that owned Red Lobster. You can’t bring a national restaurant into Maine and say this is how you do seafood. Maine does seafood its own way.

    1. My family is from Maine and Massachusetts and I’ve had a little sea food in both places. I was only 12 and 13 those times I was up there, and figured I was just being picky, but I didn’t like it then either. The smell wasn’t like it was here in Arkansas though. 😂😂

  2. Shawn, Nice pens. I think you should continue making them. Regarding Red Lobster…my thoughts drifted to this Three Dog Night song

    Well, I’ve never been to Maine
    But I hear they have good lobster
    Say the biscuits are just lame there
    Guess they just use too much globster
    They don’t abuse it
    Cheese they won’t use it
    Red Lobsters never gonna lose it
    And I just can’t refuse it, mhm

    Hope the Red Lobster restaurants remain open. By the way “globster” is some sort of organic substance that washes up on beaches. Maybe Maine?

    1. Hey that’s a pretty good song!

      And I’ll continue making these and all my other pens as long as people keep buying them. 🙂

  3. Great-looking pens (all of them), Shawn! Thanks for taking the time to share your thought process(es) behind the designs and the adjustments you made to them. Hope to see you at the Pacific NW Pen Show in Portland this summer! 🙂

  4. Nope, I couldn’t make it last year for the inaugural event ☹️ but I definitely plan to go this year! 😁

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