My Collection – and Elizabeth’s

This is my own personal collection.  Many of these I was lucky enough to be gifted.  Others I got in trades.  A few I actually paid for.


Pelikan M800

Pelikan Twist – Style

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Red Pearl

Sailor Limited Edition  Pro Gear Classic Realo

Aurora Optima

Sheaffer Legacy II

Leonardo Momento Zero

Franklin Christoph  19

Pilot 823 – Jutus 95

Pilot Maki-e

Andy Lambrou Classic Pens

Montegrappa la Verda Roma

Montblanc 149

Montblanc StarWalker Midnight

Conid Bulkfiller Regular

Lamy Aion – Dialog – Studio

Lamy Al Star – Safari

Handmade and small production

Joe Cali

Ryan Krusac

Japanese – Kato

Dan Symonds

JEBs Pens – John Brady

Soba One hand finished – Den’s Pens

Ken Kavers – 1st Bamboo and closed end kit

John Albert – Romulus Pens

Chet Herbert

Edison Beaumont




Parker 51

Parker Duofold UK

Parker 75 – Sterling Cisele

Parker 45 – Harlequin

Parker 51 MK III/IV? with 61 cap

Parker Duofold Vac – Senior? Ingenue?

Cross Century

Sheaffer Snorkel Red, Black – Lifetime Military clip vac fill – Triumph signature cap band vac fill

Waterman 55

Waterman 52

Waterman Patrician

Wahl Gold Seal flat top

Wahl Doric Junior

Mabie Todd Swan M2 05/60


Esterbrook J

Elizabeth’s Collection

Sheaffer NoNonsense – Sailor Nagasawa Pro Color – Krone Stretch

Visconti Rembrandt

Jonathon Brooks Urushi – Airbrush

Lamy Calligraphy – Vista – Safari (that one is PINK)

Pilot Decimo – Custom 74

Grape Vine kit ballpoint by a friend of ours – Troy Breeding corn husk custom


My Mechanical Keyboard habit…