OXO Pepper Grinder – Disassembly and Deep Cleaning

I can usually find what I need online when I have to take something apart, from a switch in the Whirlpool washer, to a vacuum switch on the old HVAC.  But this morning I couldn’t find what I needed.

My wife loves pepper, so maybe 8 or 10 years ago I bought her a nice little OXO pepper grinder at Bed Bath and Beyond, and it lasted a good little while.  I forgot what happened, but it failed.  It quit grinding pepper.  Or maybe it broke.  Or maybe I broke it.  Who knows?  Point is, I bought her a new Salt and Pepper Grinder set.  Yeah that’s right.  The SET.

That was in 2020.  Time passes, things get dirty.  Normally you clean those dirty things, but in the case of the OXO, you really can’t do much more than wipe it down.  But what if you drop it in the sink, into dirty dish water?  Throw it away?  NO!  You go online and look for how to take it all the actual way apart to give it a proper deep clean.  Except there’s nothing out there.  Not one photo or video that I could find on how to take it all the way apart.

But now there is.

I’ll get back to making pens now, but I hope this is helpful to somebody out there.

2 thoughts on “OXO Pepper Grinder – Disassembly and Deep Cleaning”

  1. Shawn — this story is absolutely adorable. Being a pepper grinder fan myself, I can sympathize! I hope it still works or you’ll be scouting out another set!

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