Almost Christmas!

Hi Everybody!

Hope you’re having a great holiday season, and if you’re anywhere near me on the map, enjoying this weirdly warm weather.  🙂

I just got some pens back from Ashley Anodized It and what’s left is available on the store right now.

Check em out! 

This first one, in a simple two tone blue and raw aluminum, is the commissioned pen that brought Ashley to my attention.  My client requested an aluminum pen anodized by her, so to spread the expense I sent her a batch of pens to work on, and told her to have fun.  I couldn’t be happier with the work she sent back.




The rest of these are still available:

New Pens!

Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re having a great December so far.  It feels so crazy that 2023 is already almost over.  About to start another year!

My oldest boy is about to graduate from high school, my youngest is finishing his Freshman year, and I’m so grateful that I can keep plugging away, making pens for all of you.  I couldn’t ask for a cooler job.  🙂

You can see the newest pens, added just this morning, here.

And there are lots of pen wraps available, too.  Elizabeth had some tucked away that she made a little while back for one of the last pen shows she went to with me.

I’ll try to get more pens finished and added to the store soon, so keep your eyes open!  🙂



A few new pens – and some reductions on older inventory.

I just finished a really cool commission this morning, and when making something really different I like to work out the design first, so that I now have a few prototypes available for sale in the same style.

Available at the site store now.  Under Orville, sort by new.

I’m also about to reduce prices on lots of older inventory, so keep your eyes open.  🙂

Scholarship auctions and some time in the shop

Happy Sunday!

Here’s just a little of what I’ve been up to the last couple weeks (mostly forgetting to record any video).  🙂

I went to talk to the seniors at Mountain Pine on Wednesday (that’s Nov. 1st) and two of the teachers asked me if I was up there to apply for the new art teacher job.  I mean I wasn’t of course, but it would be fun to teach again.

And Halloween was on Tuesday!  I love this one so much.  All the kids and their parents all dressed up!  It’s so much fun.  I had the traditional Halloween Pineapple out with me.  We gave candy to at least 300 kids.  I love this neighborhood for the holidays.

And the newest scholarship auctions- I’m always accepting new/old/used pens from every price range for these auctions.  We also accept stationery too, in case you have a few too many notebooks collected.  😉


New pens (and scholarship date changes again)

Hi Everybody!

I just finished another small group of pens using the last of the resins I picked up at DC.  Two from Turnt Pen Co (Tim Crowe) and four from Alex of Motor City Pens.


And I have not forgotten about the scholarship auctions.  I’ve received some amazing pens this month (thank you all so much!) and I’ll start posting those again hopefully tomorrow.

But the change I need to make is to the deadline.  If I had moved the cutoff back to January, LAST year, that would be fine.  But FAFSA doesn’t open until December, which they started THIS year.  So I’m going to move our deadline back to the beginning of April of 2024, and leave it there unless FAFSA changes their schedule later on.

So if you want to apply for our scholarships, or know a young person who should, send them our way!  🙂