Sleeves are up!

Elizabeth and I are working to get more single sleeves out to you again.  We get asked quite often about extras for sale, and for a while it’s been hard to keep up, but with both of us out there sewing and folding and ironing away, we feel we can start offering more of these to all of you.

Shipping is included in the price in the US, and a little extra is added on for international buyers.  Will ship flat in small envelopes.

Sleeves are always included with your pen purchases, but if you want an extra or 2, it’s an option now.

Updated the shopping experience

Wahoo I’ve joined the last decade!
I’ve updated my store to make the whole shopping experience a whole lot easier.
Everything is done with shopify now.  Searching by model, material, and size are all easy to do now.

You can visit by clicking the link below, or clicking the store link above like normal.

Holler if you have any questions.




New finished pens available

Hi all!  Hope you’re having a great holiday season and enjoying friends and family.

I’ve just finished 13 piston fillers, and am posting them here and in the store (here in case the store page isn’t current for you – my website isn’t loading properly everywhere for some reason).

Email me with any questions or requests – [email protected]


Medium – Conway Stewart Coral Green & clear gray acrylic – $265

Medium – Solid Yellow and Bumblebee water – $235

Medium – Solid Beige and Bumblebee web water – $235

Medium – Solid light orange and clown water – $235

Medium – Mad Science Pen Co Fox resin and Antique gold acrylic – $245

Medium – Solid gray and clear light blue acrylic – $235

Medium – Nikkow Purple/Pink ebonite and clear purple acrylic – $265

Medium – Nikko Antique Rose ebonite and clear gray acrylic – $265

Medium – Muttblanks amber and amber water acrylic – $245

Medium – Solid blue and blue water acrylics – $235


Small – Black ebonite and blue/red water acrylic – $235

Small – Dupras Green Steel & clear gray acrylic – $245

Small – Davis Peach Slushy & orange web water – $245


Small – Turnt Pen Co Duplo – $170

Small – Turnt Pen Co  Asterales – $170

Small – Turnt Pen Co First Light – $170

Small – McKenzie Color Shift purple/gold/orange – $165

Small – D Squared Morning Glory resin $165

Small – Mad Science Pen Co Vampire – $165

Small – Mad Science Pen Co Cotton Candy  – $165

Small – Nikko antique rose ebonite – $200

Small – Nikko blue gray swirl ebonite – $200

Small – Brown lizard Juma and yellow acrylic – $230


New Piston Fillers available

To inquire or purchase, please email [email protected]

Small – Yellow acrylic, clear orange – $235


Small – Brown ebonite, clear gray with a cool smudge – $235


Small – NYH Teal ebonite, clear blue – $265


Small – Silver and black acrylic, clear gray – $235



Small – D Squared Brown Strata, clear gray – $255


Medium – D Squared Glowstix, clear purple – $245


Small – Green ebonite, clear gray – $235


Medium – D Squared Metropolis, clear gray – $230


Medium – D Squared Arkansas Sunset – $245


[email protected]

New Trim

Hi everybody,

I’ve been working on designing some trim for my pens, and I think I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with.  I’ll be adding these to more of my pens, and they’re of course available on custom pens as well.

These are rhodium plated brass.  I’ve got gold plated coming in about a month.  Solid bronze or sterling are also options.

I’ve got a clip in the works, too.

Over the years I’ve made lots of clips, one inspired by the old Montblanc 139, and a few simpler ones, but I’m really liking this one.


Let me know your thoughts.



Good news, bad news, and a give away and coupon.

(give away and coupon info below)
Well, good news and bad news.

First the good – I have a new cap ring I plan to start putting on some of my pens, and it’s available as an option on custom orders (I think it looks so cool!).

And for the bad – I built a new computer last night (mostly for Blender, the old Dell I had would crash and lock up a lot while modelling) and it’s great! BUT… when backing up everything, my entire email database got corrupted, so most of the last 10 years (almost 23 gb) is gone. I have some of 2020 and 2021, but all the way back to 2012 is gone. I’m still working on it, and hopefully will get things back up, but it’s not looking good. 🙁

So, to make myself feel better, let’s do a GIVE AWAY! And a 50% off coupon. 2 things. It’s Wednesday after all.

Tell us about some bad news you’ve had recently – lost/corrupted computer files, broke down car, misplaced keys, or phone dropped in the toilet. I’ll pick a couple winners in a couple of days. 🙂

Please email to [email protected] with questions.

New items on ebay – Instagram Disabled

Hey Everybody!

New pens up on eBay!  Really good stuff in there this time.

Remember, every penny goes towards scholarships for high school students going to college. 🙂


Aaaaand… my Instagram account was disabled for some reason.  No idea what’s going on.  Hopefully it’ll be back up soon.