New resins from D Square resins!

Hi All!

Darrel recently finished some awesome new stripey resins for me, and they are available now!

This first one is called Sushi Stripe.

The purple and black is called… hmm… what should we call it?  This was his experimental pour to see how things would work out.

There are also some new swirl blanks in the Sushi color scheme-

The very middle pen, the monotone one, has the same colors in the same ratios as the others, we just mixed them differently during the pour.

He also made a new magenta/blue blank that I really like-

These pens will be listed in the store in just a few minutes, so if you want one, please go check them out.

Current Inventory




Scholarship Awards!

Hi Everybody!

We’ve just finished up scoring and awarding scholarships!

We had $14,000 to give away this year.

The recipients, from all over the country, are

Mary M – $2000
Keely S – $2000
Thu L – $1500 student is getting a full ride, so they passed the award to the next student in line.  Congrats Thu!
Jennifer O – $1500
Hannah N – $1500
Katherine W – $1500
Katlyn J – $1500
Samuel Y – $1000
Stacia T – $1000
Miya K – $1000
Congrats to you kids!
Thanks so much to everybody who’s donated pens and for bidding on those pens!  (I’ll have more up this week for the 2023 scholarship fund)

Scholarships & Auction Pens – 2nd lathe

Okay!  🙂  We’re working hard on scholarship applications to get awards handed out, AND the first batch of auction pens for the new school year have just gone up!

And as much as I’d like to be running my 2nd CNC right now, the computer it came with died on me and I have to wait on the replacement to show up.  All I can do is laugh, or else I’d cry.  🙂

Thanks for your support, of both my business and the scholarship fund.  You folks are all the greatest.

Have a great weekend,



Shop fundraiser!

Big news!  I’m half way there!  Just about… I think…  🙂

I’ve got all the pens started.  This means all the drilling and threading is done.  Next up is shaping all the parts into Orville Cs, Elizabethans, and Prospectors.  Then sanding and buffing.


The office is finally finished (mostly) too!  We just need to paint the door, and put up the ceiling fan.  Thank you all for helping to make this happen!  If you have any questions, please holler at me.







Tip of the day

I put a little silicone grease on the collar of the nib unit to keep ink out of the section.  Any grease that gets squished out is wiped away with a napkin or q tip.

If you have a super thin o ring that fits here without making the nib unit too difficult to remove later, that works too (let me know what you’re using if so).


Chicago 2022 and a shop update

I can’t even keep up with everything pen related on the internet, but here are some fun writeups about the last Chicago show, and a vid of the shop getting put together.

Image from Pen Addict article.

Shawn Newton

Another write up from Pen Addict.

And another from Joe at The Gentleman Stationer.  I got to visit with Joe for the first time at this show and it was great getting to know him in person.

And some shop updates – I’ll be posting pics of the office soon since it’s (thankfully) almost finished.


Fundraiser results & New pens posted!

Hey Everybody!

First up – thanks so much to all of you for all of your support for our fundraiser.  We had $34172 in total sales, with about $19254 available to spend.  That gets us our office expansion and down payment on the 2nd CNC with tooling.

I’ve already started on all the pens and many have already shipped out.  I’ll be emailing you as I get your pens ready to go.  So be looking out.

I have some new pens ready to go  that have just been WAITING for me to finish them up.  And you can get 15% off those and anything else in the store if you wish Elizabeth happy birthday on her Instagram page and email me with your Instagram name so I can see it.  🙂  Sale ends Jan 23rd.


Fundraiser update

Hey Everybody!

First – a huge thanks to all of you who have supported our fundraiser.
We didn’t reach the goal of $33,000 (net), but without the eyes that Kickstarter gets, I’m very happy with how far we’ve gotten .  It’s enough to take care of the office build, and to put a huge chunk towards the new CNC (which I’ve already financed – it should be here sometime in February).

So far we’ve raised about $17,372 net, or $31,357 gross.

I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the last day to get in on the fundraiser sale with all the discounts, and to share some of the pen sleeves that Elizabeth has made for us.


And here’s a shot of the new office.  Rain has really interrupted their work, but it’s coming along.

So tomorrow is the last day to get in on this fundraiser sale, but I won’t say no if you come in over the weekend.  🙂

Monday we’ll be going out of town for a few days for a Christmas cabin trip, so I’ll be away from the shop and email and stuff until after Christmas.  Very excited!  🙂

Happy Holidays everybody!  And thank you all so much!

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