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Hi everybody!  Real quick – 10 new pens up for auction this month – thanks so much to you who have donated pens.  Holy cow I appreciate you so much.

I’m using eBay to auction pens from now on.  The comments here on the site never seem to update as quickly as we need, so many of you can’t see the most recent bids.  This will fix all that.

If you want to donate a pen or just some cash, please get in touch with me at shawn@newtonpens.com.  Every penny accepted and raised from auction items goes to the charity.  We have no overhead or expenses so every actual penny (except paypal fees) goes to high school students going to college.  🙂  And you get a tax receipt for donations.

I just got back from the Dallas pen show which was great.  It was awesome getting to see everybody and meet new people.  I had great table neighbors this year – Hinze Pens and Scribal Work Shop.


My next show is the Arkansas Show coming up in a few months so maybe I’ll see you there.


This Saturday, October 5th, Arkansas Pen Club is having a Saturday meeting, hosted at Vanness Pen Shop, where there will be lots of door prizes.  One of those being one of my pens.  🙂  So if you’re in Little Rock this Saturday, come on by around 1:30 and have some fun.  Oh yeah it’s my birthday so there will be strawberry cupcakes as well.  🙂


I think that’s everything.  I’m sure I forgot something.  If you have any questions just holler.  🙂


Scholarship Checks and Auction Items – DC Pen Show

Hey everybody!  I’ve been so busy lately I think I’ve been neglecting the website posting.
I need to update the online store after the DC Show – which was great.

We just wrote checks to our latest group of scholarship recipients.

This brings the total amount of money given away since 2013 to $41,250.  The total amount we’ve raised so far (some going into our new endowment fund) is $58,084 since 2013!

If you want to help out with the scholarship fund you can donate by visiting this page or donate stationery items and pens you don’t use anymore.  Let us know value and we’ll send you a tax receipt back.

Our PO box is

Newton Pens
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

You can also bid on our pen up for auction right now.  I’ll get something else added up there soon.

I think that’s it for now.  I’m still answering emails that built up while we were away at DC.  If you want to see a few pics of the show here you go.  🙂

June 2019 – and Summer is here

So it’s Summer time Summer time!

The May auction is over (I only had the one pen with the Tibaldi scraps) and it raised $250.  Thanks so much for your participation and support of the scholarship fund!

This month we have a Bexley sleeve filler, a Newton Pens Orville, and a handmade ebonite pen by Dennis Humm up for grabs.

You can bid on them here – and know that every penny raised from these goes to the scholarship fund to help high school students with their college expenses.

We gave $6500 away in scholarships to 5 kids this year.

The highest scoring essay was written by a student at my old school Mountain Pine!  (Where I taught not attended).

Elizabeth P, Camryn G, Cameron H, Emily H, and Guillermo C will each get a scholarship to help them pay for their first semester of college, and maybe a little something else if there’s money left over.  Good luck kids and thanks to everybody who applied, and a super huge thanks to our volunteers for reading the essays and helping us pick recipients again.

If you want to help out next year we could use you.  Send an email to shawn@newtonpens.com and I’ll let you know how you can help.


Atlanta pen show – Chicago pen show – April auctions for scholarship

Hey everybody!

Atlanta was great!  You can see some pics at my Instagram page.

Next up is the Chicago show – first weekend in May.  If you’re going to be in the area come see us.  We’ll be right at the front door.

We’re at about $7,200 raised this year for scholarships.  Still taking applications for about a week.  If you are a high school student going to college or some other secondary school please apply!

The pens for the April Auctions are uploaded finally.  Every penny raised goes towards the scholarship fund.  Everything starts at $1.

Scholarship Apps are DUE!

Hey Eveybody,

Thanks so much for stopping by – just a quick note to say THANK YOU to everybody who participated in last month’s auctions.  The big Eastman raised $320, the Majestic $150, and the Platinum $25.  That’s a good pull for the month!

I’m getting ready for the Atlanta Pen Show this weekend so I’ll be away from email and stuff for a few days.

I’ll try to post the new auction pens before I head out to Atlanta today or tomorrow, but I’ve got lots of pens to buff and clean up for the show.  Fingers crossed.

SCHOLARSHIP APPS ARE DUE SOON!!  But I want to extend deadline till April 20 (one more week). So you have time to apply kids!

If you are a high school senior, or know one, apply for a scholarship!  I’ve only gotten 5 apps in so far and we have just over $7,000 raised up so far.  We’re going to put some into the endowment to feed that some, but I want to give away as much as possible.

If you want to join our small group of volunteers to help read and score essays, please send me an email to shawn@newtonpens.com and let me know.

I think that’s it.  Have a great week!



It’s March 2019 here at Newton Pens (and probably where you are too?)

Hi Everybody,

It’s that time of year to start applying for scholarships!  Just a little over one month to get those applications in!

Scholarship Application – Rules and Info

Funds for scholarships raised through auction of pens, and sale of notebooks and postcards.

CHeck out the new pens up for auction this month – 1 donated, and 2 of mine.

If you want to help support the scholarship fund and have some pens you want to donate, send me an email or just send the pens to me at-

Newton Pens
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

Include value of pens so I can send you a tax receipt.  Don’t forget to include your contact information in the package.

If you just want to donate financially you can do this with paypal to newtonpensscholarships@gmail.com or send a check to the above address, made out to Newton Pens Scholarships.  Every penny we take in goes towards scholarships for high school students going to college.  So far this school year we’ve raised $6813 (not including the last couple of days).  We still have 2 full months of fundraising, too!

The Arkansas Pen Show is in only 2 weeks!  Holy cow that’s coming up quick!

After that we’re gong to Atlanta, then Chicago, maybe Saint Louis (depends on some other things going on this summer) then in August is DC, in September we have Dallas, and that’s the year.

If you have any questions about anything, just holler – shawn@newtonpens.com.


Is it still 2019?

Hey everybody!
Goodness we’re keeping busy around here.  With the monthly auctions to raise money for scholarships, making Pinnacle pens for Vanness, trying to keep up with my orders and making production pens on the new CNC for inventory and to have at shows, and even helping my art teacher buddy out with his printing press, there’s never a moment to rest.  It’s not all work, I squeeze in a little video game play at night, too.  X)

New auction pens are going up today – I’m changing the main auction page – all the old auctions will remain visible forever as links below the newest open auctions.  Hopefully this will help with people seeing comments and making bids on new auction pens they want.

What’s coming up – let’s see – still modifying old Vanishing Points, Sailor KOPs, and Pelikans that you send to me.  Going to attempt a Montblanc 149 very soon.  It’s been on the table for a while just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

PEN SHOWS – Arkansas is March 15-17, Atlanta is April 5-7, Chicago is May 3-5.  More later.

SCHOLARSHIPS – If you’re a high school senior about to go into college, tech school, beauty school, vo-tech, whatever, apply for our scholarship now!  Deadline to apply is April 13th!

That’s all I can think of for now, but if you have any questions, holler!  🙂



It’s not 2018 anymore

Hi everybody!  Wow the year is already over!  What a whirlwind it’s been too.

It’s January and that means National Handwriting Day!  I guess?  🙂

Some new news here at Newton Pens:

1 -No more raffling pens to help raise money for the scholarships every month, but I’ll make pens to put in the auctions, hopefully using little bits of special resins, ebonites, and celluloids as I find them.  I have a few pieces of tibaldi and arco celluloids that have been graciously donated by different kind folks.

The last raffle winner of 2018, and of the raffles in general, is #14, Ted A.  Congrats Ted!  I’ll send an email shortly.  You get a $225 credit towards a custom pen or something in the store.

You can still buy notebooks and postcards until they run out.  I’m still working on having some more made up.  I just need cover art.  🙂

Part B – If you want to donate or contribute to the fund, it’s easy.  You can click this link (it’s under the Scholarships heading at the top of the website) and donate there.  If you want to donate some pens or stationery items for our monthly auctions just send me an email – shawn@newtonpens.com – we can sort out the details, and I can send you a tax receipt, too.

New auctions already live here.

Edit: I need to apologize for a goof I made on some of the pens this month.  I accepted a couple of bids after midnight.  I didn’t pay close enough attention, but I’ll try to be more diligent in the future.

Remember every penny raised goes towards the scholarship and endowment funds.  This money goes to high school students to help pay for college expenses.  Not just college, but includes any type of higher ed like tech schools and beauty schools.  Whatever it is you’re doing to further your education.

Want to buy a pen without a wait?  You can see what’s new and available now in the store here.

Number 3 – And if you want to keep up with what’s going on around here on a more regular basis, check out our Instagram or Facebook pages (same content shared to both) @newtonpens and @NewtonPens.  You can also click the follow button on this website – near the bottom of your screen I think.  You can watch pens being made and finished and the occasional pic of our fur babies or actual kiddos.

I’m excited for 2019.  We’ve got lots of fun stuff in the works.

If you have questions about anything just shoot me a note – shawn@newtonpens.com


Welcome to the Party, Pal…

It’s almost Christmas!  That means it’s time for the best Christmas movie of all time!  DIE HARD!

Image result for die hard christmas movie

But it’s also time to do the normal monthly stuff around here – house cleaning and all that.

# 1 – Remember that this month is the last month we’ll be raffling pens out.  We will still give postcards and notebooks as gifts for your donations if you want them, but not raffling pens.  We have the monthly pen auctions now and that seems to be doing really well.

The monthly raffle!  This month the winner – picked by random dot org – is # 15 for Dwayne L!  He sends in a cool post card from Japan almost every month for the free entry and he won it this  month! 🙂  Congrats Dwayne!

Part B – If you want to donate or contribute to the fund, it’s easy.  You can click this link (it’s under the Scholarships heading at the top of the website) and donate there.  If you want to donate some pens or stationery items for our monthly auctions just send me an email – shawn@newtonpens.com – we can sort out the details, and I can send you a tax receipt, too.

3rd half – December auctions are live now- AUCTIONS – every penny raised from this goes to the scholarship fund which helps high school students with college expenses.  We’ve raised and given away almost $50,000 in the last 6 years.  You all are amazing!

Number four – And if you want to keep up with what’s going on around here on a more regular basis, check out our Instagram or Facebook pages (same content shared to both) @newtonpens and @NewtonPens.  You can watch pens being made and finished and the occasional pic of our fur babies or actual kiddos.

Take care!  Have a great December!

Newton Pen News, Raffles, and whatever else I can think of

Hi Everybody!

We’ve decided to end the raffles – Dec 2018 is the last month.  We’ll still sell notebooks and auction pens off to raise money for the scholarship fund, but I won’t be running the raffles for a free pen anymore.  Instead I’ll offer up a custom pen with a bit of some really cool rare material and auction those off.  I have enough pretty bits and pieces to last a year or so, and hopefully I’ll continue to be able to find bits of pretty materials for later.

This month number 11 was drawn, so congrats to Kathy M!  I’ll send you an email in a minute, but you get a $225 credit towards a new or custom made pen!

Still selling notebooks, will be working on new ones soon.  It’s getting closer to Christmas and I’d like at least 1 new cover available for you then.  🙂  Hoping to have 2 or 3.  Price will be $5 per notebook once we have them.

Lots of amazing pens up for auction this month!  A couple of Conway Stewart pens (from way before they became British Bespoke) and some other nice pens for you to pick from.

They’ll be live later but the main auction page is here.

Namisu, Conway, Conway, Parker, Sheaffer, Ensso

Getting closer to being able to offer production line pens with the help from my new lathe, too.  Stay tuned for details, watch my Instagram or Facebook pages to keep up.

I have 8 pens fresh off the new lathe (practicing and figuring out programming and all that) and am offering these today only for $125 in celebration of Fountain Pen Day 2018!  Tomorrow they’ll be $150, which for regular style clipless pens is what the production prices will be.

L-R: Green, Tortoise, Purple Yellow swirls, Black Orange celluloid, Clear Purple, Browns, Yellow swirls black cap, Black and white.