Scholarship Update – Ebay auctions live!

Hi Everybody!

It’s been such an incredible year to raise money for scholarships!

We’re still raising money through end of May, so I’ll know by then for sure, BUT, right now we have raised …checks bank account…
So all of that plus whatever we raise over the next few weeks.

Oh, and we also have money from our foundation to give out, so that’ll be $1,500 or so.  Wow this has been a really good year for us.

A new group of pens just listed on ebay too!  This is probably the last group I’ll post for this fundraising year (till end of May) unless I get something new in of course.  I might put up one or two of my own pens sometime in May.

Group Buy, Auctions, Scholarships

Hi Everybody,

A few things going on right now.

Part 1 – I have a group buy pre order sale going on right now.  I’m going to be making 14 slim celluloid pens with Jowo #6 nibs, some trim, and roller clips.  This is an ebonite prototype –

And the celluloid I’m using.  There’s still 2 striated browns, and 1 spotted orange and black.

$265 for each pen with a steel nib, $50 down payment to reserve your spot. Let me know material (brown striated celluloid or orange black celluloid) and trim color, rhodium or gold plate.  It’s first come first served.  Let me know what nib point you want. Solid gold is $110 extra. Nib grinds are discounted to $20. 😁
Please email
I think I covered everything but probably not.


Part 2.

Auctions are live with 8 really nice pens.  You can see all of that at our ebay page.


And Part 3.

It’s time to start submitting scholarship applications.  I think we’ll have well over $8,000 to give out this year, plus a little from the endowment.  If you know any high school kids who need to apply, send them here to check out the rules to do so.

If you want to help out with the scholarship fund raising, you can donate pens to us to auction off.  I’ll write you a tax receipt if you want one.  Or if you just want to contribute some cash, we accept that, too.  Either way, send me an email and we’ll get going.


If you have any questions about anything, just get in touch.


Shawn Newton


New Little Notebooks – all money raised to scholarship fund

Hey Everybody,

I’m excited to announce that we have some new notebooks.  They are the pocket size made by Curnow Bookbinding, filled with white Tomoe River paper.

The art is by a local high school student, Ann G.

These can be purchased for $5 each plus $.75 shipping over at our ebay store.  International shipping will be a little more.  Every penny raised goes to the scholarship fund, just like with the pen auctions, which you can also find at the ebay store.

If you have any questions please ask –


Thanks so much!


Collaborations and auctions and scholarships!

Hi Everybody!  Excited to let you all know about some work I did with Chatterley and The Chicago Pen Company!

For Chatterley I made several Prospectors in orange and black G10.

These are loaded with Bock 380 nibs in 14k gold or titanium.
Black and orange-

All orange-


A few all black coming soon.  :)


For The Chicago Pen Company I made 20 Orvilles in a custom ebonite exclusive to them, to match the colors of The Blue Naped Tanager.

These are loaded with Bock 250 nibs engraved with The Chicago Pen Company logo.





Jim and AJ have given me the #2 pen to auction off in our scholarship auctions!  Thanks!  I’ll announce here and all over social media when that will go live.

Our auctions have moved to ebay recently and I couldn’t be happier with how easy it’s been for us to deal with.  Thank you all for participating.  We’ve raised $1491 in the last few weeks auctioning off pens you’ve donated.

If you have any pens, inexpensive or quite expensive, and you want to donate, please get in touch with me – – and we’ll work out the details.  We give tax receipts for all donations.

I’ll have more pens up on the auction block in the next few days here.


As always, if you have any questions please holler at me –


If you have any suggestions on how we can raise some more money for the scholarships, I’m all ears.  🙂




Title goes here…

Hi everybody!  Real quick – 10 new pens up for auction this month – thanks so much to you who have donated pens.  Holy cow I appreciate you so much.

I’m using eBay to auction pens from now on.  The comments here on the site never seem to update as quickly as we need, so many of you can’t see the most recent bids.  This will fix all that.

If you want to donate a pen or just some cash, please get in touch with me at  Every penny accepted and raised from auction items goes to the charity.  We have no overhead or expenses so every actual penny (except paypal fees) goes to high school students going to college.  🙂  And you get a tax receipt for donations.

I just got back from the Dallas pen show which was great.  It was awesome getting to see everybody and meet new people.  I had great table neighbors this year – Hinze Pens and Scribal Work Shop.


My next show is the Arkansas Show coming up in a few months so maybe I’ll see you there.


This Saturday, October 5th, Arkansas Pen Club is having a Saturday meeting, hosted at Vanness Pen Shop, where there will be lots of door prizes.  One of those being one of my pens.  🙂  So if you’re in Little Rock this Saturday, come on by around 1:30 and have some fun.  Oh yeah it’s my birthday so there will be strawberry cupcakes as well.  🙂


I think that’s everything.  I’m sure I forgot something.  If you have any questions just holler.  🙂


Scholarship Checks and Auction Items – DC Pen Show

Hey everybody!  I’ve been so busy lately I think I’ve been neglecting the website posting.
I need to update the online store after the DC Show – which was great.

We just wrote checks to our latest group of scholarship recipients.

This brings the total amount of money given away since 2013 to $41,250.  The total amount we’ve raised so far (some going into our new endowment fund) is $58,084 since 2013!

If you want to help out with the scholarship fund you can donate by visiting this page or donate stationery items and pens you don’t use anymore.  Let us know value and we’ll send you a tax receipt back.

Our PO box is

Newton Pens
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

You can also bid on our pen up for auction right now.  I’ll get something else added up there soon.

I think that’s it for now.  I’m still answering emails that built up while we were away at DC.  If you want to see a few pics of the show here you go.  🙂

June 2019 – and Summer is here

So it’s Summer time Summer time!

The May auction is over (I only had the one pen with the Tibaldi scraps) and it raised $250.  Thanks so much for your participation and support of the scholarship fund!

This month we have a Bexley sleeve filler, a Newton Pens Orville, and a handmade ebonite pen by Dennis Humm up for grabs.

You can bid on them here – and know that every penny raised from these goes to the scholarship fund to help high school students with their college expenses.

We gave $6500 away in scholarships to 5 kids this year.

The highest scoring essay was written by a student at my old school Mountain Pine!  (Where I taught not attended).

Elizabeth P, Camryn G, Cameron H, Emily H, and Guillermo C will each get a scholarship to help them pay for their first semester of college, and maybe a little something else if there’s money left over.  Good luck kids and thanks to everybody who applied, and a super huge thanks to our volunteers for reading the essays and helping us pick recipients again.

If you want to help out next year we could use you.  Send an email to and I’ll let you know how you can help.