Dallas Pen Show – Piston Fillers – and Prospectors

Getting ready for the Dallas Pen show next weekend.  If you can make it, we’d love to see you.

I’ll be bringing 4 new piston fillers with me.

And LOTS of Prospectors.  This is the most of this pen I’ve made at any one time before.  I’ll have small, medium, and large sizes with me.  The larges will all be set up to take #8 nibs.

These have all been sanded at this point.

I still have a lot to do with the large size pens.

Have a great week!


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edit: Congrats to Francisco!  And thank you all so much for your stories.  I really enjoyed them.

Tell us about your first pen. Do you still have it? Do you still use it? Why did you pick THAT pen?

My first fountain pen was given to me by my wife Elizabeth. It was a Sheaffer No Nonsense fine point (stub/italic) from Hobby Lobby for Valentine’s Day back in 2010. Before that I didn’t really know what a fountain pen was and had never used one. My only memory was from Tom and Jerry where Jerry squirts Tom with ink.

I used that pen UP. I don’t have it anymore, but it got me started in this community. 🙂

2022 DC Pen Show

Hi Everybody!

Just got back from the 2022 DC pen show and had a great time!  I’ll need a few days to photograph and upload new pens that haven’t been put up yet, and take down pens that sold, but I’ll announce it here when it’s all up.

Here’s a shot of our table near the main entrance-


Here’s a shot of some of the new materials from Bob Dupras that I brought with me –


Vanness, Luxury Brands and I also ran a scavenger hunt this year, and hope to do the same at many more shows in the future.  Participants took photos at different tables around the show (we wanted people to explore all corners and not miss any vendors) and posted to Instagram under the hash tag #dc22penshowhunt to be entered for a chance to win bottles of Oster ink donated by Vanness, items from me, Carolina Pen Co., Schon Designs, Hinze Pen Co, Galen Leather, and Luxury Brands.  I think it went pretty well, except for the fact that Instagram wasn’t showing me all the posts (and still doesn’t when you click the link – it says there are 45 posts).  So we’ll have to figure something else out in the future.  Maybe just @ tagging one of us running it will make it easier to pick winners.  🙂

Take care and see you next time!




The Como is live! (Medium size only for now)

The Como is live!  Check it out now!

Production Run – Como Pocket Pen (newtonpens.com)

Barrel end is threaded for secure cap posting.

Open-4 9/16″ from tip of nib to end of barrel.

Posted-6 1/2″.

Closed-4 3/4″.

Here it is with a converter so you can get a better idea of how short it is.  🙂
These pens can take a mini converter (I think) and come with short carts, blue or black ink.

If you have any questions, please email me.  shawn@newtonpens.com


The Como Pocket pen is almost available.

Hi Everybody!

I’m getting this first batch of Como production pens ready to go.  These are all clipless for now but are set up to take clips with a small groove cut into the cap under the finial.

Prices range from $160 and go up to $190.   Email me with questions- shawn@newtonpens.com

The Como pocket pen is now a production offering.

The Como.

Shawn Newton (@newtonpens) • Instagram photos and videos

The Como pocket pen is now available as a production offering.

Right now I only have medium size available, but over the next few weeks I’ll be making small, and maybe slim size Comos as well.

Read this if you’re curious about where the name comes from.

More pics-

Shawn Newton (@newtonpens) • Instagram photos and videos

The medium size ones shown above will be available on my store page in a few days, with prices starting at $150.

If you have any questions please get in touch.  shawn@newtonpens.com


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