A few new pens – and a late Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Happy late Fountain Pen Day!  I was at Vanness Friday night – first time in almost 2 years I got out of the shop for pen stuff.  I was NOT ready.  I forgot ink and converters at home.  X)  Thankfully Vanness had me covered.  And Corbin came along to keep me company.

To celebrate, everything in the store is $20 off through midnight tonight -November 8th 2021 (Central US time – so that gives you almost 16 hours), including these that I just finished!

Newest group of Orville C pens, small size.

Newton Pinstripe – $170 to 150

Dupras Water Lily Light $165 to $145

Dupras Amber Tortoise – $165 to $145

Dupras Red Steel – $165 to $145

Dupras Wahoo – $165 to $145

Dupras Adirondack Autumn – $165 to $145

D Squared Fuchsia Blue Eyes – $165 to $145

D Squared Strawberry Poison – $165 to $145

Hinze Blueberry Greens (with small void in barrel end) – $130 to 110

More Prospectors!

Hi everybody!  I just finished a batch of 16 Prospectors.

First up a group of 8 Omas acrylic (similar to their Arlecchino celluloid).  I made one last year and it got a lot of attention, so I wanted to offer some more.  There are 4 small and 4 medium size.  Fitted with a Jowo #6 nib on a Flexible Nib Factory ebonite housing and feed unit, with a converter.

To check inventory available visit the store page.

To purchase or ask questions – shawn@newtonpens.com

And next up a group of 4 small and 4 medium pens in various materials, with one threaded for a KOP nib unit.  I am not supplying a KOP nib with this, but I can help you fit your nib to the pen if you need help.

Omas Arlecchino acrylics- 4 available in small size
$395 each

Omas Arlecchino acrylics- 4 available in medium size
$395 each

And the various materials available –

Small – Clear gray and black acrylic $375

Small – Dupras Dark Blue Abalone – $390

Small – Brooks Primary Manipulation 1 – $415

Small – Nikko Blue/Gray swirl ebonite – $425

Small – Nikko Solid Gray – $425

Medium – Nikko Light Green – $425

Medium – Nikko Autumn Layers – $400 (there are tiny air bubbles that show up on the cap and barrel ends – so pen is discounted a little)

Medium – Nikko Beige ebonite and McKenzie Metallurgy resin – $450
This is threaded to take the oversized KOP nib unit.  The pen does not come with a nib unit or converter.  I am happy to help you fit your nib unit to this pen if you want help.


Kickstarting something new

So I’m getting ready to do something kind of big for us – a Kickstarter.  I don’t know if you remember, but back in January 2012 I started a campaign to raise just under $1,000 to buy some pen making equipment, and we raised over $4,000.  I have everything I need to make pens, but I want to make more, faster.  So this time around the Kickstarter is for another CNC lathe and some shop improvements.  We need around $50,000 for the machine, a level shop floor (Yes level.  The shop is an old car port and the floor slants towards the outside wall and it’s a pain just sitting at my desk.)  and better shelves and storage, too.  I have a LOT of small items sort of all over the place, and want to come up with some better storage solutions.

Along with that, we’re wanting to expand on the house a little bit.  Our house is a 3 bedroom, and the smallest is being used as Elizabeth’s office and sewing space.  Our plan is, if we can raise the money, to expand on our front porch making her a new office.  She’ll have more space than she does now with windows all around, and our youngest boy will have his own bedroom.  So fingers crossed.  🙂

Plus it’ll be nice to increase production speed, too, for those fountain pens.

I’m working on all that right now and some materials are coming in the mail very soon, and once that’s done I can start it up.  Hopefully only another week or two.  I’ll make announcements everywhere when we’re ready.  🙂

Tonight – up for offer are 4 Prospectors in some fancy Italian acrylics.  At least I’m about 99% sure Conway Stewart had their acrylics made in Italy.  The yellow/blue swirl is old Omas, so I know it’s from Italy.

You can see these and many more available pens here.

These are all medium size – .550″ Ø at the barrel threads, and about 5.500″ long, from tip of nib to end of barrel.  They come with Jowo 6 nibs fitted on ebonite feeds/housings.

Omas Yellow Blue – $400
Conway Stewart Classic Green – $395
Conway Stewart Evergreen – $410
Conway Stewart Crimson Whirl – $400

To purchase just send me an email – shawn@newtonpens.com – and let me know WHERE you’re at, and the NIB you want – point size and color.


A few pens for sale

Hi Everybody,

Time to put some new pens up on the site again.
What I have today are some Orville C pens, small size.  The C denotes cone shaped ends rather than the normal flat top.

Also check my sales page to see everything else in stock.  To purchase or ask questions, please email me.  shawn@newtonpens.com

A picture of the ends:

All are small size.

L-R: Orville C D-Squared Patriotic Banana. D-Squared Hellebore (that’s a green rose).  D-Squared Fuchsia Blue Eyes.  Conway Stewart Burgundy Crush and Red Wave acrylics.  Conway Stewart Opal and clear gray acrylics.

Orville C, D-Squared Patriotic Banana, $175

Orville C, D-Squared Hellebore, $175

Orville C, D-Squared Fuchsia Blue Eyes, $175

Orville C, Conway Stewart Burgundy Crush and Red Waves, $185

Elizabethan, Conway Stewart Opal and clear gray, $185

Small size Orville C pens in Bob Dupras resins:

Dark Blue Abalone, $185

Misty Blues, $185

Old Mardi Gras, $185

Iris Fields, $185

Peacock Springs, $185

Ocean Cenote, $185

Orville C, Small Size, Bob Dupras resins

Mango Chutney lite, $185

Dark Plum Abalone, $185

Blue/Orange/White, $185

Hawaiian Fire, $185

Santa Rosa Beach, $185

Lupine, $185

Orville C, Small size

Brooks Fire Opal, $165

Brooks Springtime Forest (left), $165

Brooks Springtime Forest (right), $165

Bob Dupras Tortoise, $185

Bob Dupras Lavender Daisy, $185

Prospectors – ooh la la!

Photos of the last bunch of Prospectors I just finished.

All sold.

All of these are fitted with a Jowo #6 nib using a Flexible Nib Factory ebonite housing and feed.

This one is on ebay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/224579707417

The blanks were donated by Enigma Blanks.  Thanks!

These are sold.

Brooks Calico Koi – matte finish

Mckenzie Penworks – Blue Macaw resin

Mckenzie Penworks -Orion – matte finish

Mckenzie Penworks -Colorshift Green

Mckenzie Penworks – Shamrock

D Squared Resins – Purple Gold – matte

D Squared Resins -Arkansas Sunset – Matte

D Squared Resins -Tropical Fruit

D Squared Resins -Metropolis

Sintetica – Green Spaghetti

Turple Blaze resin by Bob Dupras

Lily Waters resin by Bob Dupras

Ocean Cenote resin by Bob Dupras

Medium Size – Iris Fields resin by

Bob Dupras Resins -Santa Rosa Beach

Bob Dupras Resins – Peacock Springs

Erinoid cellulose acetate – Pink, Purple, Black

Erinoid Cellulose Acetate – Arcola Green

Nikko Ebonite -Layered Peacock

Nikko Ebonite -Woodlands

Nikko Ebonite – Purple Beige

SEM ebonite – Cumberland ripple and solid Orange

Scholarships and pens

Hey everybody,

Scholarship checks are going out next week (congrats again kids!) and I have a new style of pen on offer.

I’m calling it the Hale.  It’s an exposed section pen.  The threads for the cap are at the front of the section.  It’s a style that’s been done before by big and small pen makers alike, and I wanted to thrown my hat in the ring as well (and it’s a great way to use old tube stock).

You can see learn about it here – Hale Production Line.

Scholarship Recipients 2021

It’s time to announce 2021 Newton Pens Scholarship recipients!

Johanna T, Emma L, Ashley V, Katherine P, and Christopher P.

Each student is getting $1,000.

All the money we raised is thanks to all of you who donate pens and stationery, and bid on our ebay auctions.  Thank you all so much.

And something fun – I just finished this overlay pen that was ordered WAY back in May of 2016.  The pen was completed in Jan of 2017 when his turn was up, but getting the overlay started and finished was a whole other production.

I sent the pen to a jeweler I was working with and he got started, but then sat on it and never completed.  He had it for a couple of years and I finally got it back mid August 2020, and sent it to Troy Breeding of Country Made Pens in Missouri, and he redid and finished the overlay on the cap and barrel.  Once I had it back I was able to measure the cap for the snake clip, build it in Blender, and then have it 3d printed in wax and cast in sterling.  I’m very happy with how it turned out.


Pens up for auction and a little something else

Hey Everybody!

A few more pens up on ebay today.  Every penny raised goes to scholarships for high school students going to college.  These scholarships change lives, and it’s all thanks to all of you.  All I do is take a few photos and put em up on ebay.  You are the ones donating these great pens.  You’re the ones bidding on them.  Thank you.


And if you read this far, shoot me an email and you can get 15% off any of my in stock pens through 6am May 14th (that’s 14 hours and about 10 minutes from now).  I won’t answer emails until tomorrow morning, but I’ll answer them in order.  So first come first served.


Thanks!  Have a great night!


Scholarship, Auctions, Valentine’s Day!!

Hi everybody!

Kids!  Apply for our scholarships now!  If you know a high school student who needs some college money please please send them my way!  Only 1 student has applied so far.  Deadline is April 3, 2021.

Lots of pens and now WATCHES up for auction on ebay – every penny raised goes to the scholarship fund.


If you’ve read this far you get a 15% discount this Sunday only!  February discount is on Valentine’s day!  It is ONLY on Valentine’s day.  So don’t ask until Valentine’s day for the discount.  Applies to EVERYthing in the store, including nib grinds, NOT to shipping.  Worldwide.

Ebay auctions for the scholarships – and welcome to 2021!

Hi Everybody!

Thanks so much for following along and supporting the scholarship fund over the years.  I’m always stunned and grateful for the amount and quality of pens you all donate.  (and if you want to contribute, I’m always taking pen and stationery donations – I’ll send a tax receipt, too)

I’ve just uploaded 8 items to ebay – https://www.ebay.com/usr/snennewton

Every penny raised goes to the scholarship fund to help high school students out with college expenses.

To celebrate the new year, I’m also offering a 21% discount on anything in my web store.  https://newtonpens.com/store/

Discount is for Friday, January 15th, 2021, until midnight central time.

Hopefully a little discount will make the new year a little happier for you.  🙂


Thank you all so much for  your continued support over the years.  Here’s to another great one.