Saint Louis Pen Show – Scholarship News – Pen Auctions

Hey Everybody!  It’s been a crazy busy month and it’s finally over.  Now for another crazy busy month (aren’t they all?).

First – Every month as a way of saying thank you to everybody who contributes to the scholarship fund we give away a custom pen credit of $225.  The winner can take that and get something for $225, or pitch in some more and get something a bit more custom.  Free nib grind, free shipping.  This month, out of 37 entries, #31 got it.  Congrats to Pamela B!  I’ll send you an email in just a minute.

Wait – how can I win a credit towards a pen?  I’m glad you asked!  You can donate a few bucks and get a gift of postcards or notebooks, or just donate without requesting a gift, or you can enter for free.  To enter for free just send us a postcard with your name and email address, and “FREE ENTRY TO NEWTON PENS RAFFLE”, mailed to

PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

And remember – every penny we raise goes to high school students going to college.

Second – I’ve updated the store page with current inventory available now.  There’s also a special pen up for auction right now too.  It’s an Orville made with some Omas Arco brown celluloid.  That ends July 8th.  After that I’ll be uploading more pens for auction.  Every wondered how you could help out with the scholarship fund raising?  You could always donate a pen or two.  We’ve gotten everything from TWSBIs to Montblancs, Nakaya and Omas, and a slew of Lamy and inexpensive Chinese pens, too.  We’ll also gladly take inks, cases, paper, and other stationery items.  Just send me a note –

Third– We just got back from Saint Louis for the 2018 pen show!  We had a great time and met lots of great people.  We took the boys out to the City Museum which was a total blast!  You can see lots of photos on their Instagram feed.

We also got to see some of Ralph’s flexible and modified nibs (Regalia Writing Labs).

I also got to meet the famous DJ Kennedy and see some of his pens in person!  You can see some of his work here and here

Last – I think that’s most everything.  Small things – I have a custom acrylic coming in a few months.  It’ll be a black and white pinstripe similar in pattern to the Arco colors.  Totally stoked about that one.
My next pen show is going to be at Dallas.

I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting, but as always if you have any questions, send me a note –

Scholarship updates – Pens – Notebook art – Auctions

Hi Everybody!

It’s a new month!  We’ve got new pens up for auction this month (19 lots!), and only a few more notebooks and postcard sets left.  Once the postcards are gone, that will be it.  Since we’re getting really low on notebooks, we’re on the hunt for some new art.  We already have 2 artists promising art (thanks Joey and Leigh!) and I have 2 more that I’m going to ask.  If you know anybody who might be interested in making some art to help sell notebooks for a good cause, let us know.

Every month as a way of saying thank you for supporting the scholarship fund we give a pen credit away.  That’s $225 towards any custom pen in the store or one custom made just for you.  This month #22 was picked.  Congrats to Greg S!

If you want to help support the scholarship fund, you can purchase notebooks or postcards, make a donation (you can get a tax receipt for that), or donate some pens you might have laying around for us to auction off (tax receipt for that too).

We gave away $8750 to 9 students this year, the most we’ve given away yet.  Hopefully next year we can give even more.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years.  You’re helping to support somebody’s future.  When we support our students, our youth, we’re working towards a better future.

If you have any questions, give me a holler.


May pens are gone

Hi pen peoples!  The May auctions are over and it looks like we raised $349.  Thank you all so much!  I’ll get 10 more pens set up for June in the next day or two.

If you have some old, or not so old, pens that you find yourself not reaching for, and you want to donate them to a good cause, you can send them here to be auctioned off for scholarships.  Any pen, any condition, any price range.  Bottles of ink, pen cases, ballpoints, anything stationery will work.  If you’re not sure, ask.
I give tax receipts for your records as well.

We’re also in the works to get some new notebooks with some sweet new artwork.  Joey Feldman has agreed to make something for us, and Leigh Reyes, too.  I’m talking to a couple of other artists and still waiting to hear what they think.  This time around all the notebooks will be made by Steve Curnow with tomoe river paper, instead of some made with HP laser paper.  It’s good stuff, but the tomoe is just the best.


Let me know if there’s any interest in larger A5 size notebooks.

Thanks for all your support!  It all benefits the kids.  🙂

2018 Scholarships Awarded!!

Hey Everybody!
$1,000 awards going to
A Meeks – Mountain Pine
J Puckett – Cutter Morning Star
M Hancock –  Macomb High School
M McDaniel – Mountain Pine
H Scott –  Bryant High School
R Kennon –  Pompano Beach High School
T Terry – Mountain Pine
J Peralta –  San Miguel High School
And $750 made possible by the Red Light Roastery tip donation (which you can read about at that link) goes to a Garland County, Lake Hamilton High School student 
C French.
Congrats to the recipients!  I hope this money will help you out.
I can’t wait for next year!

Scholarships and Pen Shows

Hi Everybody!

Thanks so much to everybody who participated in the April pen auctions.  I forgot to post a reminder for last minute bidding during the last couple of days but it was still a great month.  I’ve already posted 10 new items in the auctions page –

Every month, for about 5 or 6 years now, we’ve raffled off a pen as a way of saying thank you to everybody who has supported the scholarship fund through donations, and this month the winner of a $225 pen credit is Mickey L!  Congrats Mickey!

We’re heading off to the Chicago Pen Show tomorrow, too.  Going to be a busy weekend I hope.  We’ll bring notebooks and postcards with us to sell, too.  Every penny towards the scholarship fund is another student helped!  🙂

Want a chance to win a pen?  All you have to do is buy a set of postcards or a notebook (getting low on supplies, too) and we’ll give you a number.  Don’t want to buy in?  You can enter for free by sending a postcard (and I love getting your postcards!) to

PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

Send me an email with any questions you might have –



Monthly bit of news

Hi Everybody,

So it’s been another good month for the Newton Pens Scholarship fund raising, with good notebook and postcard sales at the Arkansas Pen Show and online, and several hundred raised from the pen auctions.  We raised $673 in March.

The winner for the monthly pen give away (to say thanks for supporting the scholarship fund) is Michell Z!  Thanks so much to all of you for your donations to the scholarship fund.  We’re getting scholarship applications in the mail and will be reading essays and figuring out what students will be getting awards very soon.

Deadline for applications is April 14th.

If you want to win a $225 pen credit, all you have to do is purchase some notebooks or postcards, or just make a donation, write a note in the paypal payment form so we know what you’re doing, or you can send a postcard in the mail for a free entry to

Newton Pens Give Away
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

Be sure to include name, contact info, and “Free entry to monthly give away” written on the card, or the entry won’t count.

I’ll be putting up more auction pens very soon, keep your eyes open for them.  I’ll post on Instagram and Facebook when they’re live.

As always, if you have any questions just send me a note –



2018 Arkansas Pen Show

We had a great time at the pen show this year.  We raised some money for the scholarship fund, sold a few pens, met some great people, and brought our boys for their very first show!  Holden and Corbin got got a couple notebooks, Holden got a custom nib ground from Jim at the Franklin Christoph table, and they each will probably get a Metropolitan from Vanness this week in the colors that weren’t at the show.  🙂  I got to meet a few pen makers, too.  Troy Breeding and Jim Hinze.  Both really great guys with some pretty cool work.

The show grew from last year so we had to move into a second room where I was at.

Dromgoole’s was there with some incredible urushi pens.  There were LOTS of great vintage pens.  I picked up a sweet first year Doric with an adjustable flex nib for under a hundred.  That nib is SWEET.  Elizabeth picked up a really great corn cob pen from Troy Breeding.  On the way home Saturday night she mentioned it a few times and was determined to get it first thing Sunday morning.  I got there first, asked him to put it aside, and reminded her that she better get to it before somebody else does.  She went and asked, he said he was sorry but somebody else got there first.  She cheered up when I handed it to her.

Pics are mostly from Sunday when I had time to walk around.  It was a really good show.  Lots of foot traffic.  Lots of fun hanging out at the Vanness Open House Friday night, and Pen Show After Dark on Saturday.  I’ll be back to work tomorrow and will put up my inventory on the website soon.  I’ll get on to commissions this week and next, and get back to making inventory for the Chicago show coming up the first week of May.


Scholarship update

Hi Everybody!  It’s time to give a pen away!  Every month we give a pen away as a thank you to people for donating to the scholarship fund and this month, we had 27 entries, raising $135, and using to pick a winner, #1 got picked!  Congrats to Seth E!

Seth, I’ll send you an email to get the ball rolling.  You get a $225 credit, free grind, and free shipping.

Thank you all so much for supporting the scholarship fund!  You’re all helping to make a difference in the lives of some high school students going to college.

Speaking of, it’s time you kids should start filling out our scholarship application.  If you’re a senior, or you know any seniors, please tell them to come by and apply.

Learn how to apply for a scholarship, or support the fund here.

Last month was really great for the pen auctions, too.  We raised $563 on pen auctions alone!  Thank you all so much for participating and for the donated items.  If you have any pens or stationery items you’d like to donate to the fund please send me an email – – right now we don’t have anything to bid on but I can get those items up as soon as I have something in hand.



2018 Arkansas Pen Show!

First thing a bit of news and updates and reminders – Feb 26th is coming up fast, so if you want to bid on something from this batch of auction pens better get in there quick.  You just bid by commenting at the bottom of each page.  Remember, all the money raised from this goes into the Newton Pens Scholarship and Endowment funds (from here on out all income is split 50/50 to endowment and yearly scholarships, unless you specify otherwise).

And the main news this time around-  The show is at the Crowne Plaza which is really nice.  If you’re traveling and want to visit, but the price of the room puts you off there is an America’s Best Value (across the street) that’s cheaper.  And there’s lots of food in fairly easy walking distance, but it’s a pen show, you’ll probably meet up with a bunch of other cool cats to walk with, or car pool.  🙂

And of course there will be after show events Friday and Saturday and the hotel food was really good if I remember right.

The 2018 Arkansas Pen Show

Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 6pm
Sunday 9am 4pm

The 35th annual Arkansas Pen Show will be March 16th – 18th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Admission is $5/day or $10/weekend.

We have several new exhibitors and seminars this year.  There will be a Pen Addict Meet-Up Saturday evening with several door prizes.

Schedule of Seminars:

“Brush Lettering” w/Amy Davis
Roosevelt Room: TBA

“Penmanship” w/Amy Davis
Roosevelt Room: TBA

​”Intermediate Spencerian” w/Michael Sull
Roosevelt Room: TBA

“Handmade Pocket Journals” w/Kerry Kemp
Roosevelt Room: TBA

“Vintage Pen Repair & What to look for in a Vintage Pen” w/Fernando Padilla, Jr.
Thomas Room: Friday 11a – 12:30p

“Bullet Journaling Meet-up”
Thomas Room: Friday 1 – 2p

“Fountain Pen Hacks: Clever Solutions for Care & Cleaning” w/Danny Harris
Thomas Room: Friday 4:30 – 5:30p

“Vintage Pen Repair” w/Fernando Padilla, Jr.
Thomas Room: Saturday 10 – 11a

“Fountain Pen Hacks: Clever Solutions for Care & Cleaning” w/Danny Harris
Saturday 11:15a – 12:15p

“Shimmer – Shade – Sheen” w/Lisa Vanness
Thomas Room: Saturday 1 – 2p

“The Use & Collecting of Writing Instruments” w/Ted Felton
Thomas Room: Saturday 3-4p

“Pen Show Devo”
Thomas Room: Sunday 8:00-8:15a

List of Exhibitors:
Following is a partial list of exhibitors:

Bob Atkins – Skylab Letterpress
Thomas Bailey – The Pen Man
Rick Beckham – Crafted Woods
Mike Byler
Nathaniel Cerf – The Pen Market
Lee Daniel
Jimmy Dolive – Total Office Products
Dromgooles Pens
Sam & Frank Fiorella – Pendemonium
Franklin-Christoph Pens
Danny Fudge – The Write Pen
Sam Highsmith
Jim Hinze
Kerry Kemp – Art Outfitters
Kenro Industires
Don Lamkin
Kent Leichliter
Joe Lowe
Peter Miller – Desiderata Pens
Shawn Newton – Newton Pens
Robert Nisbet
Papier Plume
Jeff Powers – Powers Pen Co.
Ana Reinert – The Well-Appointed Desk
Dan Smith – The Nib Smith
John & Carolyn Turner
Vanness Pen Shop

Please check the Arkansas Pen Club website,,for updated information as it becomes available.

Monthly updates and other good news

Good news everyone!  (that’s a Futurama reference for you this month)

We received 32 submissions in January, through sales of postcards and notebooks (what few we have left) and donations and free entries.  This month the number picking machine picked number 22, so our hilarious postcard making friend Rich DLT won the raffle this month!  Thanks for all your entries!  I love those postcards.

From all the donations and the pen auctions, we raised $625 this month!  That puts us at about $17,595 for the year!  (if you read a different total earlier, I did my math wrong – it’s fixed now)  You’ve all raised that much money in just 7 months!  Thank you so much!!  Of course a huge chunk of that is going to the endowment fund.  Speaking of which, I’m going to call and schedule an appointment to get that set up.

I’m also going to start getting the word out to high school seniors to start applying for scholarships!  Apps are due in April.

When you donate for notebooks or postcards, or just donate cash, you will get one raffle number for every $5 donated.  Hopefully we can move the rest of these notebooks and postcards quickly this way.

I’ll be getting another bunch of auctions started up -BUT- when you bid DO NOT bid in a reply.  Only write in new comments so that I can see them easier.  From now on I will not acknowledge replies to other comments.  Always write a new comment.  Thanks.

Here are the new auction items.

So if you want a chance at winning a credit for a custom pen, up to $225 with a free nib grind and free shipping, pop on in and pick up some cool stuff, or just donate.  You can also donate for free by sending a note or postcard to me at

Newton Pens Scholarships
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

But you must include your full name and an email address and write that it’s a free entry to the scholarship raffle, or I will not enter it.

As always, if you have any questions, please holler.

Thanks so much!