Newton Pen News, Raffles, and whatever else I can think of

Hi Everybody!

We’ve decided to end the raffles – Dec 2018 is the last month.  We’ll still sell notebooks and auction pens off to raise money for the scholarship fund, but I won’t be running the raffles for a free pen anymore.  Instead I’ll offer up a custom pen with a bit of some really cool rare material and auction those off.  I have enough pretty bits and pieces to last a year or so, and hopefully I’ll continue to be able to find bits of pretty materials for later.

This month number 11 was drawn, so congrats to Kathy M!  I’ll send you an email in a minute, but you get a $225 credit towards a new or custom made pen!

Still selling notebooks, will be working on new ones soon.  It’s getting closer to Christmas and I’d like at least 1 new cover available for you then.  🙂  Hoping to have 2 or 3.  Price will be $5 per notebook once we have them.

Lots of amazing pens up for auction this month!  A couple of Conway Stewart pens (from way before they became British Bespoke) and some other nice pens for you to pick from.

They’ll be live later but the main auction page is here.

Namisu, Conway, Conway, Parker, Sheaffer, Ensso

Getting closer to being able to offer production line pens with the help from my new lathe, too.  Stay tuned for details, watch my Instagram or Facebook pages to keep up.

I have 8 pens fresh off the new lathe (practicing and figuring out programming and all that) and am offering these today only for $125 in celebration of Fountain Pen Day 2018!  Tomorrow they’ll be $150, which for regular style clipless pens is what the production prices will be.

L-R: Green, Tortoise, Purple Yellow swirls, Black Orange celluloid, Clear Purple, Browns, Yellow swirls black cap, Black and white.


Bolt On

Here’s my bolt on clip prototype.  I’ll be using allen head bolts rather than flat head screws.

3d Printed

My first 3d printed clips are here too.  We’ll work in a few changes to make them a little springier, but this is going to be a good option if you want it.

Contact me with any questions.

Dallas Pen Show – Auctions – Scholarship Updates –

Hi Everybody!  Welcome to the monthly Newton Pens update post.

We went to the Dallas pen show last weekend – Sept 28 and 29.  Had a really great show.  We ate at the most amazing Italian restaurant Friday night.  Two Guys From Italy.  Holy shmoly it was good.  If you’re in Dallas you’d be crazy to miss out on this.

Here are the pens…

Elizabeth and me.

Elizabeth with a wrap.

The view from our table. 

Danny Fudge from The Write Pen, with Perry Kearney standing by.

Anna from Well Appointed Desk, Lisa Vanness from Vanness Pens.  This is her relaxed face.  X)

The auction pens did really well this month too.  We’ll have some more great items up for auction in the next few days.  I just gotta pencil in time to take the photos and update the website.

New inventory pens going up in a few days, too, and some of the old ones getting discounted fairly heavily.  I’ve been sitting on a few pens for a while now.  Expect to see prices around $175-200 for some of these.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s available now…

Some of our Pinnacle Prototypes are in there, too.  You can learn about the Pinnacle in this video-

The winner for September raffle is- Gabriel N, #13!  Congrats Gabriel!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

You can be like Gabriel and win a pen if you either – buy some postcards or notebooks and get a raffle number, or mail in a postcard to my PO box and get a free raffle number.  Or you can just make a donation and get a raffle number that way.  It’s so easy to enter for a free pen!  If you win you get a $225 credit towards any pen you like, or you could use that credit to buy a pen from the online store.  Remember, any money you spend or send in all goes to the scholarship fund!  This money goes to high school students going in to college.

To enter for free with a postcard, write a note saying “free entry to Newton Pens Scholarship raffle” with your name and an email address on there.  If I don’t have your contact info I can’t give you a raffle number.

Newton Pens
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902|

If you have any questions about anything at all, especially if it’s pen related, just send me a note.


Monthly updates – scholarship info – new items up for auction

Dallas pen show

We’ll be at the Dallas Pen show this year.  We’ve booked a wall table so come and find us.  Hopefully we’ll have a big sign on the wall with our name on it.

Shop expansion – Things have started rolling along here.  The stairs demo (house used to be a duplex) was last weekend and they’re framing it in right now.  This will give me space for a small CNC lathe.

Scholarship info & money raised so far.

Scholarship checks went out a couple weeks ago and our 9 recipients have all gotten their checks.  Thank you all so much for the support over the years.  This scholarship program means so much to me and you all are helping it to be a bigger and bigger success every year.  As of now we have $2002 for this next years scholarship awards already saved up!

New items up for auction.  Lots of goodies up for auction this month.

A few vintage pens, my purple binded Vanishing Point, a Faber Castell, a Mini Wood Productions pen, and a Kaweco Sport.

Notebooks and postcards – Make donations under the Donors section.

If you want to support the scholarship fund, you can either make a donation with no gift, or make a donation and ask for a gift.  We have notebooks and postcards.  We’re working on getting some more notebooks made up hopefully by Christmas.  Joey Feldman, Steve Light, and Leigh Reyes have agreed to contribute some art work.  We might be getting more.

Monthly Raffle

When you donate you get a number, and at the end of each month we pick a person to get a $225 credit towards any custom pen they want.  If you want extra features or a gold nib you’d need to pay for that.  US shipping and nib grinds are free.  International shipping is less $15 the actual total.

If you want to enter the raffle for free all you have to do is send a postcard to my PO box, with your name and email, and “Free Entry to NP Scholarship Raffle” written on it.  If there’s no contact info I can’t accept it.

Send cards to

Newton Pens
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

The winner from August, randomly picked from 1-37 using is #2!!  Congrats to Seth E!!  Thanks so much for your continued support and I’ll be in touch shortly.  🙂

As always, if you have any questions please shoot me an email.

Scholarship Updates – Pen Shows

Hi Everybody!
I’m late writing my monthly update but here it is.
For July, Michael S (#8) was picked using for a $225 credit towards a custom pen.

I’m going to cut checks today for the 2018 scholarship recipients. $8750 total! That’s all thanks to you. Your continued support means so much to me and I can only imagine how much it means to the students receiving scholarships.

To continue supporting the fund, you can make small donations to via paypal, receive your choice of postcards or notebooks (what we have left), or just make a donation.  We’re working on getting some new notebooks by Christmas, or maybe early January, with some great artwork, and all Tomoe river paper on the insides.  I’ve already got 3 really great artists lined up to design some covers, and am working on getting one or two more.  If you know anybody give me a holler.  🙂

Every donation gets a raffle number assigned with it, so you have a chance at winning a $225 credit towards a free pen.  Free grind included if you want one, and free shipping in the US (discounted international shipping).

The rules for entering the monthly raffle are here.

If you want to enter for free, you can do that too.  Just send me a postcard with your name and email address, and write “Free entry to Newton Pens Scholarship raffle” and send it to

Newton Pens
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

We also have some auctions going on.  So many people have been so kind and donated some really great items over the last year.  This month we have this– and some really great mechanical pencils, and 2 lots of vintage pen parts.  I’m headed out right now to visit a ceramics artist friend of mine to pick up a vase he’s donated to the auction.  I’ll post photos of that on Instagram once I have it in hand.  🙂


We’re going to be at the Dallas Pen Show this year on a wall somewhere.  September 28 and 29.  Come see us!

If you have any questions give me a holler –  – THanks!


Scholarship Auctions

Hey Everybody,

The Orville arco auction is over and went for $500!  Thanks so much!  $225 of that total is going to the scholarship fund.

There are some new auction items up ready to be won!  Every penny raised from these will go to the scholarship fund.

We still have a few notebooks and quite a few postcards available.  Wanting to get them sold out quick so we can get some new notebooks made up.  I’m working on getting some art from some really great people and a couple have already said yes!  So thanks to Joey Feldman and Leigh Reyes!


Saint Louis Pen Show – Scholarship News – Pen Auctions

Hey Everybody!  It’s been a crazy busy month and it’s finally over.  Now for another crazy busy month (aren’t they all?).

First – Every month as a way of saying thank you to everybody who contributes to the scholarship fund we give away a custom pen credit of $225.  The winner can take that and get something for $225, or pitch in some more and get something a bit more custom.  Free nib grind, free shipping.  This month, out of 37 entries, #31 got it.  Congrats to Pamela B!  I’ll send you an email in just a minute.

Wait – how can I win a credit towards a pen?  I’m glad you asked!  You can donate a few bucks and get a gift of postcards or notebooks, or just donate without requesting a gift, or you can enter for free.  To enter for free just send us a postcard with your name and email address, and “FREE ENTRY TO NEWTON PENS RAFFLE”, mailed to

PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

And remember – every penny we raise goes to high school students going to college.

Second – I’ve updated the store page with current inventory available now.  There’s also a special pen up for auction right now too.  It’s an Orville made with some Omas Arco brown celluloid.  That ends July 8th.  After that I’ll be uploading more pens for auction.  Every wondered how you could help out with the scholarship fund raising?  You could always donate a pen or two.  We’ve gotten everything from TWSBIs to Montblancs, Nakaya and Omas, and a slew of Lamy and inexpensive Chinese pens, too.  We’ll also gladly take inks, cases, paper, and other stationery items.  Just send me a note –

Third– We just got back from Saint Louis for the 2018 pen show!  We had a great time and met lots of great people.  We took the boys out to the City Museum which was a total blast!  You can see lots of photos on their Instagram feed.

We also got to see some of Ralph’s flexible and modified nibs (Regalia Writing Labs).

I also got to meet the famous DJ Kennedy and see some of his pens in person!  You can see some of his work here and here

Last – I think that’s most everything.  Small things – I have a custom acrylic coming in a few months.  It’ll be a black and white pinstripe similar in pattern to the Arco colors.  Totally stoked about that one.
My next pen show is going to be at Dallas.

I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting, but as always if you have any questions, send me a note –

Scholarship updates – Pens – Notebook art – Auctions

Hi Everybody!

It’s a new month!  We’ve got new pens up for auction this month (19 lots!), and only a few more notebooks and postcard sets left.  Once the postcards are gone, that will be it.  Since we’re getting really low on notebooks, we’re on the hunt for some new art.  We already have 2 artists promising art (thanks Joey and Leigh!) and I have 2 more that I’m going to ask.  If you know anybody who might be interested in making some art to help sell notebooks for a good cause, let us know.

Every month as a way of saying thank you for supporting the scholarship fund we give a pen credit away.  That’s $225 towards any custom pen in the store or one custom made just for you.  This month #22 was picked.  Congrats to Greg S!

If you want to help support the scholarship fund, you can purchase notebooks or postcards, make a donation (you can get a tax receipt for that), or donate some pens you might have laying around for us to auction off (tax receipt for that too).

We gave away $8750 to 9 students this year, the most we’ve given away yet.  Hopefully next year we can give even more.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years.  You’re helping to support somebody’s future.  When we support our students, our youth, we’re working towards a better future.

If you have any questions, give me a holler.


May pens are gone

Hi pen peoples!  The May auctions are over and it looks like we raised $349.  Thank you all so much!  I’ll get 10 more pens set up for June in the next day or two.

If you have some old, or not so old, pens that you find yourself not reaching for, and you want to donate them to a good cause, you can send them here to be auctioned off for scholarships.  Any pen, any condition, any price range.  Bottles of ink, pen cases, ballpoints, anything stationery will work.  If you’re not sure, ask.
I give tax receipts for your records as well.

We’re also in the works to get some new notebooks with some sweet new artwork.  Joey Feldman has agreed to make something for us, and Leigh Reyes, too.  I’m talking to a couple of other artists and still waiting to hear what they think.  This time around all the notebooks will be made by Steve Curnow with tomoe river paper, instead of some made with HP laser paper.  It’s good stuff, but the tomoe is just the best.


Let me know if there’s any interest in larger A5 size notebooks.

Thanks for all your support!  It all benefits the kids.  🙂