What is Newton Pens?

Newton Pens is me, Shawn Newton, a Hot Springs, Arkansas based pen maker who specializes in hand made fountain pens.  My wife Elizabeth Newton works on the admin side and makes all of our sleeves and wraps.  To see what kind of custom pens I can make for you please look through my Custom Pens galleries.  There’s a link at each gallery page where you can order from.  The wait is nearly three years for a custom, but no money up front.  If you just want to get a place in line, send me an email.  We can always work out the details later on.

If you don’t want to wait, and you’re not looking for something custom, maybe a ready made pen I have in my inventory will scratch that writing itch.

Making Custom Pens

I’ve been making fountain pens since January 6, 2012.  My passion for making art has been redirected and focused into making tools for art.  Each custom piece is unique and individually crafted just for you.

Changing Lives

Here at Newton Pens we don’t only make custom pens, we also run a 501C3 that raises money to give as scholarships to high school students going to college.  It’s my way of paying forward the kindness that was shown to me when I graduated from high school.  That first step in the door can be a life changer, and we want to help young people take that first step.

We have raised and given away over $68,000 in scholarships to high school students all over the US since 2013, and we started an endowment in the Fall of 2017 to make something that will sustain itself far into the future.  Learn more about that here.

Our first scholarship awards: