• Warranty.  The pens are guaranteed for life (as long as I’m alive lifetime warranty) against defects in workmanship.  If a part fails or falls apart I’ll repair or replace it.  If you drop it or your dog eats it, for example, I can make new parts, but at cost.  This means any mishandling, dropping it on a hard or even a soft floor, will mean you have to pay for replacement parts.
    Some materials fade – ebonite for example.  This is natural and part of the character of ebonite pens.  Call it wabi-sabi.  Using the wrong cleaners to clean a pen is not covered.  If you’re not sure do some reaearch online.  Don’t use alcohol for celluloid.  Don’t get your ebonite pens wet (and don’t store them in the sun – they will fade).  Don’t wash or soak casein.  Educate yourself first.  I’m also not responsible for ink related disasters.  Some inks will melt feeds, melt rubber sacs, and just generally cause headaches.  If an ink isn’t easy to clean out, or causes damage, that’s all on you.  Like ebonite fading (which I’m quite fond of) some materials just age.  Maybe in 20 years we’ll see bright acrylics dulling or yellowing.  Our pens age with us.  That’s something to enjoy I think.
  • Some materials are very limited or handmade, so if I have to replace a part, the material might not match perfectly.
  • Nib.  If you have nib problems please don’t grind or work on the tip – send it back to me and I’ll take care of it under warranty.  If the nib is unsalvageable I’ll swap it out for no charge.  If you’ve done any work on it, or it comes back with a sharp foot after a bad smoothing attempt, you’ll have to buy a new nib or pay tuning/grinding fees.
  • Communication.  If you ever have any questions I’m always here to answer them.  Rarely do I leave emails for more than a few days unanswered.  If I don’t reply to you in a timely manner, please send another note.  I will be slow to answer when I’m at a pen show and around family events and holidays.  Those times are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the end of January, and end of June.
  • Returns.  All sales on custom orders are final.  If you bought an inventory pen from my site or at a pen show you can make a swap of equal value as long as your pen is still in new condition.  More on returns/swaps.