Return & Refund – Payments

All sales are final.  No returns or refunds.  Swaps only.

If you bought an inventory item from my sales page or at a show, you may swap your pen for one of equal value.  If value is different we’ll figure out who owes what, and move some money around.  You will pay shipping both ways.

If you want to swap your pen for one to be made new, you may need to wait for the normal wait time, or I may make it sooner than that, but this is at my discretion.  Your pen must be in “as new” condition for this.  Otherwise I’ll just send it back to you and we’ll be done discussing it.

Acceptable reasons for swap are uncomfortable diameter or length, or smell of material (some acrylics and ebonites have a smell that some find offensive, but usually fade with time).  If you’re not happy with a nib point, for example if the size isn’t just right for you, then I will swap your nib point for you at no charge.  I want you to be happy with the pen you get from me.

I cannot afford to play banker with people.  So be sure you want a pen before spending your money.  I’m not Walmart, I’m not Amazon.  I’m a guy working out of a small home shop trying to support my family.

Did you buy a pen when you really couldn’t afford it, and now want to return it so you have the cash?  Sorry, I can’t help you out.  Buyer’s remorse isn’t covered by me or Paypal.  If you need to sell it, Instagram and Facebook are both good places to do this.

On custom orders, I do not require any payment up front.  I will not accept any payment up front.  If you send payment anyway I will send it back.  I don’t want you to come back to me one month, or 5 months down the road, and request your money back.  I am not a bank.

I may ask for a deposit up front to purchase expensive materials, or so that I can order materials quickly, especially in the case of limited or harder to acquire materials (for example some ebonite colors, or any vintage materials).  If you change your mind about an order after materials are ordered, I’ll send you those materials, or if they’re something I can use later, I may purchase them from you.  But once materials are paid for they are yours.

Pens are made in the order that they are placed in my queue.  This means there is a considerable wait time between making an order and getting your pen.  If you have to make a cancellation before you make payment, it’s as easy as sending me a note.  And since you haven’t made any payment yet, it’s no skin off my back or yours to cancel the order.

Also read over my warranty info.