Current Inventory

To make a purchase, just send me an email, tell me which pen you want, what nib you want, and where you live so I can give you a shipping quote.

To see about sizes read this.

Production run pens are standard lengths with a tiny bit of variation depending on if the blank was long enough for example.

Slim pens are
Small size pens are 5 1/4″ long tip of nib to end of barrel.
Medium are 5 1/2″.
Large and Oversize are 5 3/4″ long tip of nib to end of barrel.

Majestic, Knickerbocker, Moody, Bamboo Eastman, Eastman, Dip nib holders, and Preston ballpoints listed below.


Majestic – Medium – Brooks purple abalone – $170 (top of cap is natural end of pen blank)

Blue/white denim acrylic, $145
Cool Stained Glass acrylic, $145
Orange Chunk acrylic, $145





Knickerbocker Lite

Knickerbocker – Medium – all accept Bock 380 nibs
$no nib, ti nib, 18k gold nib

SOLD-Black ebonite, white ivory celluloid, sterling trim $260/425/525
Black ebonite, yellow/blue acrylic, bronze, $200/365/465
Brown & Black ebonite, bronze, $295/460/560
Blue/Orange ebonite, bronze, $305/470/570


Bamboo Eastman

Dip pen holders





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