Scholarship Application – Rules and Info

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Deadline for Applications is April 3, 2020.  Anything mailed must be postmarked by this date.  Anything submitted electronically must be submitted by this date.  Anything after this will not be accepted.  No exceptions.

*For US students only.
*Scholarship award size will vary based on amount of money raised during the year.
*Scholarships are for high school students going into college ONLY.  Not for current college students or students returning to college, or any other sort of student.

*Student must be signing up for full time classes – college of their choice – study of their choice.  4 year, 2 year, trade, technical, barber, beauty, welding, any type of secondary school.
*Students can be from any school in the US.  Public, private, religious, or home school, etc.

*Must have at least 2.5 gpa, EFC of $25,000 or less.  Attach high school transcript with a stamp or seal from your counselor. (A stamp or seal means the counselor will use a tool to make a mark on the paper that shows it’s officially from the school. Every school uses something different. Some use a rubber stamp, some emboss the paper.  YOUR TRANSCRIPT MUST BE STAMPED BY THE SCHOOL.  If not the application will be discarded.)

*Two letters of recommendation. This can be from a teacher or other school official, employer, volunteer organization, or somebody else, not family.  Get letters from people who know you, who you’ve worked with, etc.

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Submit in the Mail:

1-Your official transcript.
2-Your two letters of recommendation.
3-Your essay printed out, without any contact info on it.
4-AND your contact information.  I need to know how to get in touch.  Email and phone please.

These can be sent to
Newton Pens Scholarships
PO BOX 6084
Hot Springs, Ar. 71902

Paperwork must be postmarked by the deadline.  Do NOT send your letters via express mail.  The expense isn’t necessary.  Just get it postmarked by the deadline.

Submit your essay and other requested information electronically using this form.

You will write a 900-1,000 word essay describing why you want to go to college and what your future plans and goals are.  How could this money help you?  What’s your motivation for going to college?  Do you have a desire to do something productive in the world?  What might your education lead to?  And please don’t mention over and over again how college is expensive and you need the money.  We know that.  Focus on what you want to do with your education and why you’re going to school.  But having said that, if you have a story to tell, tell your story.

​Please do not put your name or clues to your gender, race, or religion on the essay portion, please.  This way there will be less chance of grading bias and discrimination from the volunteers scoring the essays.

Your application will be discarded if

your essay does not meet minimum word count, does not include OFFICIAL transcript, does not include two letters of recommendation, or does not have any contact info.  OH MY GOD.  KIDS.  How are you going to apply for money and NOT INCLUDE ANY CONTACT INFO???  Some of you have not even put return addresses on your envelopes.  PLEASE!  I can’t give you money if you don’t give me all the information I need.