Bindes, Barrels, Repairs

I do not sell these pens, only modify yours.  I do not and will not buy any pens to modify and then resell.

Know that this type of work to your pen will VOID ANY WARRANTY you might have.

To place an order or ask questions email –


I only work with Pelikan M800 and M1000 pens.  The piston units are threaded in rather than press/snap fit in.  The smaller models are easier to damage when taking them apart and putting back together.

M800 mods

M1000 mods

Aurora mods

I can replace the barrel and cap on these, but not any other parts.  Aurora 88 and Optima only.

Sailor KOP rebuilds/Mods/repairs

I can replace the entire pen, or just certain parts.

Montblanc 149 mods

Visconti repairs and rebuilds

Omas mods and repairs

New and Vintage Work

An Overlay Repair

Process Photos


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