Omas Modifications

To convert roller ball to fountain pen – $50 to mod the section, cap, and barrel end.  $75 if you want a nib included.  If the original section breaks during the mod process I won’t accept any risk.  You agree to this if you ask me to do the work.

A new section along with barrel and cap mods is $100 without a nib, $125 with a nib.

A new cap will be $125 plus materials.

I will not work on their piston units, so no barrel or section work on these at all.

Making a replacement cap where the original celluloid rotted and failed. You can see discoloration on the barrel in the middle.

Modding rollerball sections to take Bock fountain pen nibs.


New cap – you can see the original has a split in the middle where the celluloid was shrinking.  Replacement material is acrylic.