M1000 modifications

Bindes: starting at $175 plus materials.

Cap rebuilds are possible and start at $215 plus materials, without rings.  With rings the caps start at $255.  Plating is extra depending on your request.  I’m not reusing the Pelikan cap rings, but making new ones from brass.

I do not sell these pens, only modify yours.  I do not and will not buy any pens to modify and then resell.

Know that this type of work to your pen will VOID ANY WARRANTY you might have.

See video on how Pelikan pens are made.

To place an order email – [email protected]

Yellow acrylic

Conway Stewart Glittery Red, brass cap bands

Conway Stewart cherry red, brass cap bands


Spalted Orange alumilite


Red ripple ebonite

Red acrylic

Conway Stewart Burgundy Crush

Red Ripple ebonite

M1000 with blue lizard celluloid

M1000 – Blue lizard celluloid

M1000 – Blue Mountain High striated acrylic

M1000 – Jewel of Poseidon cebloplast

M1000 – Sapphire Dream cebloplast

M1000 – Vintage red/gray/black celluloid



M1000 – vintage brown celluloid



M1000 – vintage green speckled celluloid


M1000 – vintage red/gray/black