Repairs & Rebuilds

I can make new sections, barrels, caps, or whatever, for lots of pens.  See some of what I’ve done here.  Email with questions – [email protected]

Pilot section for an 823 using a Bock nib

Cartier Diablo – broken thread repair

Cap for Joe Cali pen

Sheaffer Legacy Barrel – work starting at $100 + materials


Sheaffer Selangor thread coupler


Wahl Eversharp Doric – new front end

Diamond Point – new front end

Krone new section

Urushi Danitrio new section

Conway Stewart Wellington new cap

Danitrio Cumlaude new section

Broken Delta barrel

Nakaya barrel not deep enough to fit section with converter

Overlay came off of Omas barrel 

Conway Stewart Churchill with lever removed and mini barrel installed.

Broken Sheaffer repaired

Delta Scrigno – Omas Rose Swirl acrylic barrel