It’s not 2018 anymore

Hi everybody!  Wow the year is already over!  What a whirlwind it’s been too.

It’s January and that means National Handwriting Day!  I guess?  🙂

Some new news here at Newton Pens:

1 -No more raffling pens to help raise money for the scholarships every month, but I’ll make pens to put in the auctions, hopefully using little bits of special resins, ebonites, and celluloids as I find them.  I have a few pieces of tibaldi and arco celluloids that have been graciously donated by different kind folks.

The last raffle winner of 2018, and of the raffles in general, is #14, Ted A.  Congrats Ted!  I’ll send an email shortly.  You get a $225 credit towards a custom pen or something in the store.

You can still buy notebooks and postcards until they run out.  I’m still working on having some more made up.  I just need cover art.  🙂

Part B – If you want to donate or contribute to the fund, it’s easy.  You can click this link (it’s under the Scholarships heading at the top of the website) and donate there.  If you want to donate some pens or stationery items for our monthly auctions just send me an email – [email protected] – we can sort out the details, and I can send you a tax receipt, too.

New auctions already live here.

Edit: I need to apologize for a goof I made on some of the pens this month.  I accepted a couple of bids after midnight.  I didn’t pay close enough attention, but I’ll try to be more diligent in the future.

Remember every penny raised goes towards the scholarship and endowment funds.  This money goes to high school students to help pay for college expenses.  Not just college, but includes any type of higher ed like tech schools and beauty schools.  Whatever it is you’re doing to further your education.

Want to buy a pen without a wait?  You can see what’s new and available now in the store here.

Number 3 – And if you want to keep up with what’s going on around here on a more regular basis, check out our Instagram or Facebook pages (same content shared to both) @newtonpens and @NewtonPens.  You can also click the follow button on this website – near the bottom of your screen I think.  You can watch pens being made and finished and the occasional pic of our fur babies or actual kiddos.

I’m excited for 2019.  We’ve got lots of fun stuff in the works.

If you have questions about anything just shoot me a note – [email protected]


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