Welcome to the Party, Pal…

It’s almost Christmas!  That means it’s time for the best Christmas movie of all time!  DIE HARD!

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But it’s also time to do the normal monthly stuff around here – house cleaning and all that.

# 1 – Remember that this month is the last month we’ll be raffling pens out.  We will still give postcards and notebooks as gifts for your donations if you want them, but not raffling pens.  We have the monthly pen auctions now and that seems to be doing really well.

The monthly raffle!  This month the winner – picked by random dot org – is # 15 for Dwayne L!  He sends in a cool post card from Japan almost every month for the free entry and he won it this  month! 🙂  Congrats Dwayne!

Part B – If you want to donate or contribute to the fund, it’s easy.  You can click this link (it’s under the Scholarships heading at the top of the website) and donate there.  If you want to donate some pens or stationery items for our monthly auctions just send me an email – [email protected] – we can sort out the details, and I can send you a tax receipt, too.

3rd half – December auctions are live now- AUCTIONS – every penny raised from this goes to the scholarship fund which helps high school students with college expenses.  We’ve raised and given away almost $50,000 in the last 6 years.  You all are amazing!

Number four – And if you want to keep up with what’s going on around here on a more regular basis, check out our Instagram or Facebook pages (same content shared to both) @newtonpens and @NewtonPens.  You can watch pens being made and finished and the occasional pic of our fur babies or actual kiddos.

Take care!  Have a great December!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Party, Pal…”

  1. I have to confess I never considered watching Die Hard at Christmas, but compared to the other sweet and sappy offerings, I say: What about a Die Hard marathon?? I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Eew not a marathon. 🙂 Just the 1st one. The others are GREAT (the 3rd one is anyways, with Sam L Jackson) but 2nd and 4th are just sort of… meh. In my opinion. 🙂 Still fun, but not Christmas movies the same way the first one is.

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