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Hi Everybody!

We’ve decided to end the raffles – Dec 2018 is the last month.  We’ll still sell notebooks and auction pens off to raise money for the scholarship fund, but I won’t be running the raffles for a free pen anymore.  Instead I’ll offer up a custom pen with a bit of some really cool rare material and auction those off.  I have enough pretty bits and pieces to last a year or so, and hopefully I’ll continue to be able to find bits of pretty materials for later.

This month number 11 was drawn, so congrats to Kathy M!  I’ll send you an email in a minute, but you get a $225 credit towards a new or custom made pen!

Still selling notebooks, will be working on new ones soon.  It’s getting closer to Christmas and I’d like at least 1 new cover available for you then.  🙂  Hoping to have 2 or 3.  Price will be $5 per notebook once we have them.

Lots of amazing pens up for auction this month!  A couple of Conway Stewart pens (from way before they became British Bespoke) and some other nice pens for you to pick from.

They’ll be live later but the main auction page is here.

Namisu, Conway, Conway, Parker, Sheaffer, Ensso

Getting closer to being able to offer production line pens with the help from my new lathe, too.  Stay tuned for details, watch my Instagram or Facebook pages to keep up.

I have 8 pens fresh off the new lathe (practicing and figuring out programming and all that) and am offering these today only for $125 in celebration of Fountain Pen Day 2018!  Tomorrow they’ll be $150, which for regular style clipless pens is what the production prices will be.

L-R: Green, Tortoise, Purple Yellow swirls, Black Orange celluloid, Clear Purple, Browns, Yellow swirls black cap, Black and white.

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