Bolt On

Here’s my bolt on clip prototype.  I’ll be using allen head bolts rather than flat head screws.

3d Printed

My first 3d printed clips are here too.  We’ll work in a few changes to make them a little springier, but this is going to be a good option if you want it.

Contact me with any questions.  [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Clips”

  1. I’m generally not a fan of clips – I’m more of a rollstop kinda guy – but I really like the look of your 3D-printed one. I don’t see any striations, so I’m assuming you’re casting the final product? Or are you using a metal sintering setup?

  2. Me parece MUY interesante el de 3D. El de tornillo no me gusta y me da la sensación de que le resta categoría a la pluma estilográfica.

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