A few pens for sale

Hi Everybody,

Time to put some new pens up on the site again.
What I have today are some Orville C pens, small size.  The C denotes cone shaped ends rather than the normal flat top.

Also check my sales page to see everything else in stock.  To purchase or ask questions, please email me.  [email protected]

A picture of the ends:

All are small size.

L-R: Orville C D-Squared Patriotic Banana. D-Squared Hellebore (that’s a green rose).  D-Squared Fuchsia Blue Eyes.  Conway Stewart Burgundy Crush and Red Wave acrylics.  Conway Stewart Opal and clear gray acrylics.

Orville C, D-Squared Patriotic Banana, $175

Orville C, D-Squared Hellebore, $175

Orville C, D-Squared Fuchsia Blue Eyes, $175

Orville C, Conway Stewart Burgundy Crush and Red Waves, $185

Elizabethan, Conway Stewart Opal and clear gray, $185

Small size Orville C pens in Bob Dupras resins:

Dark Blue Abalone, $185

Misty Blues, $185

Old Mardi Gras, $185

Iris Fields, $185

Peacock Springs, $185

Ocean Cenote, $185

Orville C, Small Size, Bob Dupras resins

Mango Chutney lite, $185

Dark Plum Abalone, $185

Blue/Orange/White, $185

Hawaiian Fire, $185

Santa Rosa Beach, $185

Lupine, $185

Orville C, Small size

Brooks Fire Opal, $165

Brooks Springtime Forest (left), $165

Brooks Springtime Forest (right), $165

Bob Dupras Tortoise, $185

Bob Dupras Lavender Daisy, $185

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