Kickstarting something new

So I’m getting ready to do something kind of big for us – a Kickstarter.  I don’t know if you remember, but back in January 2012 I started a campaign to raise just under $1,000 to buy some pen making equipment, and we raised over $4,000.  I have everything I need to make pens, but I want to make more, faster.  So this time around the Kickstarter is for another CNC lathe and some shop improvements.  We need around $50,000 for the machine, a level shop floor (Yes level.  The shop is an old car port and the floor slants towards the outside wall and it’s a pain just sitting at my desk.)  and better shelves and storage, too.  I have a LOT of small items sort of all over the place, and want to come up with some better storage solutions.

Along with that, we’re wanting to expand on the house a little bit.  Our house is a 3 bedroom, and the smallest is being used as Elizabeth’s office and sewing space.  Our plan is, if we can raise the money, to expand on our front porch making her a new office.  She’ll have more space than she does now with windows all around, and our youngest boy will have his own bedroom.  So fingers crossed.  🙂

Plus it’ll be nice to increase production speed, too, for those fountain pens.

I’m working on all that right now and some materials are coming in the mail very soon, and once that’s done I can start it up.  Hopefully only another week or two.  I’ll make announcements everywhere when we’re ready.  🙂

Tonight – up for offer are 4 Prospectors in some fancy Italian acrylics.  At least I’m about 99% sure Conway Stewart had their acrylics made in Italy.  The yellow/blue swirl is old Omas, so I know it’s from Italy.

You can see these and many more available pens here.

These are all medium size – .550″ Ø at the barrel threads, and about 5.500″ long, from tip of nib to end of barrel.  They come with Jowo 6 nibs fitted on ebonite feeds/housings.

Omas Yellow Blue – $400
Conway Stewart Classic Green – $395
Conway Stewart Evergreen – $410
Conway Stewart Crimson Whirl – $400

To purchase just send me an email – [email protected] – and let me know WHERE you’re at, and the NIB you want – point size and color.


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