More Prospectors!

Hi everybody!  I just finished a batch of 16 Prospectors.

First up a group of 8 Omas acrylic (similar to their Arlecchino celluloid).  I made one last year and it got a lot of attention, so I wanted to offer some more.  There are 4 small and 4 medium size.  Fitted with a Jowo #6 nib on a Flexible Nib Factory ebonite housing and feed unit, with a converter.

To check inventory available visit the store page.

To purchase or ask questions – [email protected]

And next up a group of 4 small and 4 medium pens in various materials, with one threaded for a KOP nib unit.  I am not supplying a KOP nib with this, but I can help you fit your nib to the pen if you need help.

Omas Arlecchino acrylics- 4 available in small size
$395 each

Omas Arlecchino acrylics- 4 available in medium size
$395 each

And the various materials available –

Small – Clear gray and black acrylic $375

Small – Dupras Dark Blue Abalone – $390

Small – Brooks Primary Manipulation 1 – $415

Small – Nikko Blue/Gray swirl ebonite – $425

Small – Nikko Solid Gray – $425

Medium – Nikko Light Green – $425

Medium – Nikko Autumn Layers – $400 (there are tiny air bubbles that show up on the cap and barrel ends – so pen is discounted a little)

Medium – Nikko Beige ebonite and McKenzie Metallurgy resin – $450
This is threaded to take the oversized KOP nib unit.  The pen does not come with a nib unit or converter.  I am happy to help you fit your nib unit to this pen if you want help.


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