A few new pens – and a late Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Happy late Fountain Pen Day!  I was at Vanness Friday night – first time in almost 2 years I got out of the shop for pen stuff.  I was NOT ready.  I forgot ink and converters at home.  X)  Thankfully Vanness had me covered.  And Corbin came along to keep me company.

To celebrate, everything in the store is $20 off through midnight tonight -November 8th 2021 (Central US time – so that gives you almost 16 hours), including these that I just finished!

Newest group of Orville C pens, small size.

Newton Pinstripe – $170 to 150

Dupras Water Lily Light $165 to $145

Dupras Amber Tortoise – $165 to $145

Dupras Red Steel – $165 to $145

Dupras Wahoo – $165 to $145

Dupras Adirondack Autumn – $165 to $145

D Squared Fuchsia Blue Eyes – $165 to $145

D Squared Strawberry Poison – $165 to $145

Hinze Blueberry Greens (with small void in barrel end) – $130 to 110

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