Prospectors – ooh la la!

Photos of the last bunch of Prospectors I just finished.

All sold.

All of these are fitted with a Jowo #6 nib using a Flexible Nib Factory ebonite housing and feed.

This one is on ebay :

The blanks were donated by Enigma Blanks.  Thanks!

These are sold.

Brooks Calico Koi – matte finish

Mckenzie Penworks – Blue Macaw resin

Mckenzie Penworks -Orion – matte finish

Mckenzie Penworks -Colorshift Green

Mckenzie Penworks – Shamrock

D Squared Resins – Purple Gold – matte

D Squared Resins -Arkansas Sunset – Matte

D Squared Resins -Tropical Fruit

D Squared Resins -Metropolis

Sintetica – Green Spaghetti

Turple Blaze resin by Bob Dupras

Lily Waters resin by Bob Dupras

Ocean Cenote resin by Bob Dupras

Medium Size – Iris Fields resin by

Bob Dupras Resins -Santa Rosa Beach

Bob Dupras Resins – Peacock Springs

Erinoid cellulose acetate – Pink, Purple, Black

Erinoid Cellulose Acetate – Arcola Green

Nikko Ebonite -Layered Peacock

Nikko Ebonite -Woodlands

Nikko Ebonite – Purple Beige

SEM ebonite – Cumberland ripple and solid Orange

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