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I’ve been using these schedule 40 PVC tubes to ship my pens in since they’re pretty much indestructible.  You could run one of these over with a truck and it would be fine.  In fact, I rolled my new metal lathe into the shop on several cut up pieces of PVC and they all did fine.  That’s over 1000 pounds rolling along on just a few pieces of plastic.



Since my awesome wife started making pen wraps your pens have been shipped in a wrap inside these PVC tubes.  So my presentation is getting better.

The other day I had a thought – wrap the PVC!

So I did and it helps presentation even more.  It’s not as nice as a clam shell pen box, but it’s something I can afford.  And it’s STRONG.  🙂  I’ll change the image up every now and then, too.

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pen tubes (1)

pen tubes (2)

2 thoughts on “Tubes”

  1. I liked the presentation very much — especially the fabric wrap. Unwrapping the tube was like Christmas morning and a very nice touch! Admittedly the tube is a little less than elegant but my big, beautiful pen arrived in perfect condition.

  2. Glad you liked it! I know the tube isn’t the most beautiful thing in the world, but it’s functional. 🙂

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