Big pen with Big nib

Finally made a pen to take the #8 nib.  It’s big.  I should be able to offer this nib in the medium sizes up to the larger size pens.  I’ll have to make a medium to be sure it will fit, not sure yet.  These nibs are $175.

The pen is also a new Jumbo size.  Available in any of the styles, or any customized design you can come up with.   Starting at $250 with a #6 steel nib.  Limited material choice with this size as most blanks won’t be big enough to make a cap.

035 034 036

031 029 027

3 thoughts on “Big pen with Big nib”

  1. Thank you!

    #8 nib is very interesting. it’s wonderful..

    I have ordered a pen 16 Jul

    Can I change order???

    Model and size with #8 nib..

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