Shipping Options

Your Newton pen can come to you a couple different ways.  If you live in the US it will come via USPS Priority.  Prices range from $12-21.
If you live anywhere else in this great world of ours, you have two options: USPS Priority uninsured, $35-55, or DHL insured and tracked, $45-$75.  Of course if you want to use UPS or FedEx just let me know and we can figure that out as well.

Every Newton pen comes in a handmade cloth pen sleeve.  You also have the option of getting this boss travel mug with your pen in it. With this you you can enjoy that perfect cup of coffee, or relaxing cup of tea (or Bloody Mary) while writing and drawing away with your Newton pen.


The travel mug is a $5 option.  If that doesn’t interest you, or if you’re like me and just don’t have anymore room in your cabinet for another mug, then you can select to have your pen shipped in a cardboard box.  It will still come in a handmade cloth pen sleeve.

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