7 thoughts on “Article in Pen World”

  1. Wonderful article, Shawn! You deserve all the praise that is heaped upon you!

    Sent from my huge new 27″ Illudium Q-42 Explosive Space Modulator, hand-built by former Keebler elves.

  2. BB Biswas : the way he MADE…I am happy and fascinated to find this site,shawn, penworld article…as I am a pen nut too.and i can’t make them but use them well…specifically an inkpen nut..and no one including me could understand why i liked ink pen so much…I worked hard in class 4th to earn the ink pen I wanted to write with…and everyone was like ..just for an ink pen??? my love for them is quite old and still in this digital world..my time find time to be with..

    1. I am glad to note that at 4th class ink pens had fancy for you. In my 2nd standard my mother gave me 2 Indian pennies to eat at a restaurant (in 1955). I bought a eyedropper pen with that money rather than eating. Digital and fountain pens can co-exist (for me at least at age of 68 years).

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