Two pens! Two winners!

UPDATE:  The  winners are 185 (180) and 41 (38).  Congrats!!  😀

This time I think I’m going to do something a little different.Instead of having just one winner, we’ll have two.  🙂

The cumberland button filler is gone, so that means the bulb filler and celluloid pen have to go.  🙂

Rules are the same as last time.  You pick a number by sending $5 to [email protected] via paypal, and be sure to tell me what number you’re picking!  Each time I receive a number I’ll update the list at the bottom of this post so you can see what numbers have already been picked.  If I can’t update it quick enough and you pick the same as somebody else, I’ll send you a note telling you to pick another.  🙂

If you won last time you may not enter, but if you won before you may go ahead and try again.  🙂  So far you’ve all raised $636 for the scholarship!  Thanks.  This is going to mean a lot to one lucky student.  If we get enough money raised it may mean a lot to two or three lucky students!  🙂

The bulb filler and tortoise celluloid pen.  Remember – any nib tip size you want, with any grind – and your choice of silver or gold tone nib and clip.

Pick from 1-200.  I’ll use one of those random number generators out there on the interweb to pick a number, and whoever picks the closest number without going over will win the pen!  This time we’ll have two winners.  If you pick more than one number and they both get picked, I’m going to pick the next closest number under that so one person won’t be winning both pens.

Where does the money go?  Into a brand new bank account I set up just for this purpose.  At the end of the school year I’ll gather that up and present it to one or more students.

We’ll let this one run until December 5th, two weeks from tonight.  I’ll announce the winner around 9pm Central US time.

Numbers picked so far.

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