Big News

After careful consideration there will be a slight increase in my pen prices for 2013. Prices for each size will go up by $25 each. On the bright side, I am excited to introduce a new slim line of pens!  The new slim line will be 11mm thick at the barrel threads. For comparison, a #2 pencil is about 7mm thick and a Sharpie marker is about 11mm.

This new pen will be $125 with standard acrylics and steel nib. Upgrades including the use of ebonite or other materials, custom filling system, or gold nib, will be priced accordingly.

Pricing on my existing line of pens will be:
Small $150 – Medium $175 – Large $200 – Oversize $225

Shipping will stay the same. Optional international registered with tracking will be an additional $12. Insurance is optional and will be included at cost if requested.

New pricing starts January 1st, 2013, so you place your order now for current prices!

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