List of materials by maker or type:

  • Hand Poured Resins

CORRL / Bob Dupras resins

Carolina Pen Co. resins

D_Squared Blanks

McKenzie resins

Muttblanks resins

Artisan, Giraffe, and Dragon Blanks

SEM ebonites

NYH ebonites

Nikko ebonites – examples only

  • Alumilite-

D Squared Arts

CORRL Creations (Bob Dupras)

Turnt Pen Co

  • Diamondcast-

McKenzie Penworks

  • Acrylics and other materials

Commercial acrylics

Celluloids & Cebloplasts  – (mostly just examples)

Juma – dragon/lizard scales and swirls

Crazy Fiber Micarta

Cast acrylic rods from Delvies (some materials only available in bulk orders so I can’t get them)  Solids and translucents.

Bear Tooth Woods – acrylics and resins

Vermont Freehand – acrylics and ebonite

  • Wood

We can use many types of wood, dense hardwoods are better.

I can make bands, sleeves, and rings from wood – I will not thread wood.