To see materials the best thing to do is browse through my pen galleries.

Remember that not all materials will always be available.  Many materials are vintage and aren’t made anymore.  Every now and then I get my hands on vintage rods but not very often.  And some materials are special order and only available for a short time.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for let me know what you want and I can try to find something with you from several of my vendors (listed below).

SEM ebonite color chart.

NIKKO Japanese Ebonite
ebonite colors
Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow/Green, Green, Blue, Dark Green, Brown

List of pens in various ebonites at bottom of this page—

Links to sites with acrylics that you can choose from- if you see something you like, ask about it.  There are some materials that I won’t work with for various reasons.

Cast acrylic rods from DelviesCast acrylic rods from Delvies (some materials only available in bulk orders so I can’t get them)

Limited celluloid rods.

The Turners Workshop

Bear Tooth Woods

Exotic Blanks – I won’t use blanks with chunks of wood or other objects in them for threaded parts.  I can use these sometimes for sleeves.


We can use many types of wood, dense woods are better

I can make bands, sleeves, and rings from wood – cannot be threaded

Ebonite material examples – this isn’t everything just a sample –

SEM Manduela ripple –
Nikko Dark Green ripple –
Nikko Green Ripple, SEM Jaguar Green Ripple –
Indian Rainbow and Orange –
Vintage Red Woodgrain –
Indian Yellow/Green Marble –
Indian Yellow/Black Marble –
NYH Turquoise Woodgrain –
SEM Ponceau Red Ripple –
Nikko Red, Orange, Yellow solid –
Indian Vintage Green –