Nikko Ebonites

Ebonite: How it’s Made

Warning about black ebonite – most of my black ebonite has been brown with black spots.  If you want urushi this is fine, but if you want a high polish black ebonite, I recommend black acrylic.


Purple & Beige

Tropical beaches

Pink ripple and earthy pinks

Dark Red Mix (with aluminum)

Earthy Red woodgrain

 Gray ripple ebonite with ends

Yellow Marble

Brown Marble Swirl

Red Marble

Red/Orange Marble



Yellow Marble

Green Marble

Orange Marble

Yellow Green ripple

Green Ripple

Yellow Ripple

Purple ripple

Red Green ripple

Red Ripple ebonite

Darker Red Ripple

Beige Rose ebonite

Vintage Style Orange 3 ripple ebonite

Autumn 3 ripple

Autumn 5 ripple

Dark Autumn 5 ripple

Autumn Marble

Autumn layers, $425

Blue Ripple

Purple Ripple

Extra dark purple

Dark purple ripple

Solid Gray

Gray Ripple

Gray ripple ebonite

Peacock Ripple

Layered Peacock

Purple Gray Ripple

Blue Gray Ripple

Blue Gray layers

Blue Gray swirls/marble


Solid Dark Chocolate and Orange


Beige swirl and solid beige

Solid yellow and yellow ripple


Solid Orange

Solid Orange

Solid Red

Solid Yellow Green

Solid Blue