Commercial acrylics

Italian Blueberry Chocolate

Jade Green and solid yellow

Blue gray pinstripes

Conway Stewart blue and red swirl acrylic

Banana Slug Chunk

Stained glass acrylic with Brooks Primary Manipulation section

Red Gray Clear Chunk

Red and black acrylic

Blue striated and clear blue

Clear  Blue

Fancy Green flake and black acrylic

Black Pearl

Purple Rings and Lilac Water

Tiger Eye and Clear Orange


Rose Lucite

Green Fleck


Purple Waves

Toffee Chunk

Bumblebee Water

Madrapearlato Blue

Tech Smoke

Clear Gray

Blueberry Cream

Conway Stewart Flecked Amethyst

Conway Stewart Stardust

Clear acrylic

Carrot acrylic

Conway Stewart Razorshell

Madrapearlato Copper

Orange Crush

Yellow Web acrylic

Solid Yellow acrylic

Green Sand

Madrapearlato Purple

Lime Waters

Duck Mist

Phantom Mist

Zebra Swirl

Orange Swirl

Yellow Fleck

Orange Fleck

Madrapearlato Magenta

Burgundy Water

Penguin Pinstripe


Red Chunks

Madrapearlato Green

Unicorn Swirl

Orange Mist

Clear Green