Bob Dupras resins

L: Shawn Newton, R: Bob Dupras

Peacock Springs

Iris Fields

Lavender Daisy

Lily Number Three

Lord Bute Geranium


Princess with an Attitude

Adirondack Autumn

Reverse Alabaster

Elderberry Black Lace

Elderberry Black Lace Lite

Plum Abalone

Black Velvet Hibiscus

Inky Waters Light Verde

Inky Waters Cobalt

Inky Waters Purple/Yellow

Neon Copper

Aspen prototype

Melted Crayons (and black)

Old Autumn Leaves


Mango Chutney Dark

Mango Chutney Lite

Galaxy Trek


Bamboo Green

Kingman Turquoise

2016-03-22 09.06.27

Small Flames

Beige Flames

Big Flames and black acrylic $155

Arctic Fire

Arctic Shores

Arctic Spruce

blue and orange resins

Purple and Burnt Orange resins

Big Flames

Yellow Pearl

Burnt Mustard

Brooks whispy greens, BSea flat leaf or Army greens

Misty Green



Light Blue resin and black acrylic

Ocean’s Sun


Blue and brown

Blurple Waves

Purple Waves

Blue Swirls

Halloween Borealis

Aurora 2

Deep Purple swirls resin w/ clear purple acrylic

Dark Purple Resin

 Brown Tortoise

Old copper and silver

Gray swirls and ivory white resins

Downtown Graffiti


multi swirl

Metallic silvery teal

Pollack’s Convergence

Clear Convergence


Seven Seas

Turquoise Seas

Vintage Greens

Damascus Steel

Blue Damascus

Green Damascus

Green Steel

Black Steel

Blue Steel

Red Steel

Black abalone

Black abalone and dark blue

Vintage Honey

Scooby Doo


Mardi Gras

Transitional Mardi Gras


Transitional Waves

Transitional Horizon Skies



Blow Torch

moody lr (4)

Succulent Melaco

2016-05-17 11.58.33

Viola Pansy Bianco

bsea bamboo (5)

Green Mineral


Wonder Within