Cleaning the shop

So my giant metal lathe will be here Wednesday afternoon, and I just got finished cleaning up in the shop.  Sunday afternoon and then a few more hours tonight.  It took forever to put all those blanks back up there and in a somewhat organized manner too.  Acrylics, ebonite, alumilite, and then by color.  Polyresins and wood are off to the side…

6 thoughts on “Cleaning the shop”

  1. I am so HAPPY for you Shawn! That you are getting this brand new state of the art machine that will no doubt make you more $$$$$$, May God Bless you and your wife!

  2. I feel your pain Shawn! I had to remove a half barrel micro brewery from my shop before I could install my wood lathe. What metal lathe did you get? Are you moving towards computer controlled machining?

  3. Congratulations Shawn! Thanks for sharing your penmaker’s journey. And your wife rocks for helping and supporting you, but you already know that. 🙂

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