Newton Pens Scholarship and… flex?

Well, the scholarship money has been transferred to the school and all the applications have come in. I’m going to spend this week with the other teachers reading through them all and picking the 2 or 4 most deserving. There are only 8-10 applications so hopefully it won’t be TOO challenging. 🙂 I’m so excited and proud to be able to give this money away.

The one thing I’m nervous about though, my hands shake a little thinking about it, is getting up on stage at graduation, in front of 2-3 thousand people. YES. Thousand. Mountain Pine may only have about 40 seniors graduating, but everybody comes to the graduation. My first year at MP I couldn’t believe how many people were in the convention center for graduation. I expect it to be the same this year. Yikes. All worth it, in the end, to see my hard work hanging on a wall in one of those beautiful diploma frames, so it will be okay as long as I can keep my voice steady. 😛 My hands may shake off of my arms, but the voice has to be steady. OOohhh…. breathe Newton…. 🙂

And then there’s a little experiment I performed for a customer of mine. When he asked I told him, I said I might not do a very good job, I won’t charge you for the work, only the nib itself. He said it was worth $100 bucks for the nib to see what I could do. Okay. Awesome. So I started flexing a 14k nib. It’s not as soft as a vintage 14k flexy, like on my old Diamond Point or Swan, but more like a vintage Pelikan. It’s soft when you write with it – but certainly no wet noodle. I may end up shaving some more off the sides. I want him to play with it for a while first before I make any more changes. He may love it. 🙂

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