Win a Pen! Help send kids to college!


Remember – all you have to do is send $10 check or money order or with paypal to [email protected] and I’ll assign you a number based on the order you buy in.  If you’re #10 to buy a ticket, then you’ll be #10.  May 3rd I’ll use a random number picker to pick from all the numbers taken, for example 1-32, and the winning number will get a pen!  And the money collected will go towards helping a high school student realize their college goals!


Total money raised as of April 25, 2013 –
PayPal balance:   $83.12 USD after withdrawing the $2000 for the scholarship.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate.

Here are pics.




The rest can be seen here.

If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.  [email protected]

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