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Hi everybody!  Real quick – 10 new pens up for auction this month – thanks so much to you who have donated pens.  Holy cow I appreciate you so much.

I’m using eBay to auction pens from now on.  The comments here on the site never seem to update as quickly as we need, so many of you can’t see the most recent bids.  This will fix all that.

If you want to donate a pen or just some cash, please get in touch with me at [email protected].  Every penny accepted and raised from auction items goes to the charity.  We have no overhead or expenses so every actual penny (except paypal fees) goes to high school students going to college.  🙂  And you get a tax receipt for donations.

I just got back from the Dallas pen show which was great.  It was awesome getting to see everybody and meet new people.  I had great table neighbors this year – Hinze Pens and Scribal Work Shop.


My next show is the Arkansas Show coming up in a few months so maybe I’ll see you there.


This Saturday, October 5th, Arkansas Pen Club is having a Saturday meeting, hosted at Vanness Pen Shop, where there will be lots of door prizes.  One of those being one of my pens.  🙂  So if you’re in Little Rock this Saturday, come on by around 1:30 and have some fun.  Oh yeah it’s my birthday so there will be strawberry cupcakes as well.  🙂


I think that’s everything.  I’m sure I forgot something.  If you have any questions just holler.  🙂


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