Scholarships auctions – and building a new enclosure for my old CNC

Hi Everybody!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and Happy Labor Day!

It’s not a day off for me, just a slightly slower day.  🙂  I was thinking the other day about this- and I don’t think I’ve ever done anything but work on Labor Day (except when I was teaching, but we might have had mandatory PD?? – I don’t remember).  When I was a kid my parents both worked (Turkey day and Xmas were the only 2 days a year they were guaranteed off) and I don’t think I ever knew anybody who did anything special on this day…

So for the last few years I have been absolutely embarrassed any time somebody came to the shop, even friends and family, b/c of the state of my old CNC enclosure.  It started off like this with this absolutely USELESS flappy door over the chuck…

Here in December 2018, after only a solid month or so of owning it, I had wrapped plastic all over it to keep coolant from going EVERYWHERE.

By May 2019 I upgraded to some plexi and it looked prettier…

But it didn’t look pretty for long.

Sept 2021

And here I am TEARING IT APART.  🙂  Finally.

I’ll put together another video for next week so you can see it all finished up.  It’s turned out way better than I thought it would, though if I were starting over I’d do it diferently and better.  X)



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