Scholarship updates – Pens – Notebook art – Auctions

Hi Everybody!

It’s a new month!  We’ve got new pens up for auction this month (19 lots!), and only a few more notebooks and postcard sets left.  Once the postcards are gone, that will be it.  Since we’re getting really low on notebooks, we’re on the hunt for some new art.  We already have 2 artists promising art (thanks Joey and Leigh!) and I have 2 more that I’m going to ask.  If you know anybody who might be interested in making some art to help sell notebooks for a good cause, let us know.

Every month as a way of saying thank you for supporting the scholarship fund we give a pen credit away.  That’s $225 towards any custom pen in the store or one custom made just for you.  This month #22 was picked.  Congrats to Greg S!

If you want to help support the scholarship fund, you can purchase notebooks or postcards, make a donation (you can get a tax receipt for that), or donate some pens you might have laying around for us to auction off (tax receipt for that too).

We gave away $8750 to 9 students this year, the most we’ve given away yet.  Hopefully next year we can give even more.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years.  You’re helping to support somebody’s future.  When we support our students, our youth, we’re working towards a better future.

If you have any questions, give me a holler.  [email protected]


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