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Hi Everybody!
I’m late writing my monthly update but here it is.
For July, Michael S (#8) was picked using for a $225 credit towards a custom pen.

I’m going to cut checks today for the 2018 scholarship recipients. $8750 total! That’s all thanks to you. Your continued support means so much to me and I can only imagine how much it means to the students receiving scholarships.

To continue supporting the fund, you can make small donations to [email protected] via paypal, receive your choice of postcards or notebooks (what we have left), or just make a donation.  We’re working on getting some new notebooks by Christmas, or maybe early January, with some great artwork, and all Tomoe river paper on the insides.  I’ve already got 3 really great artists lined up to design some covers, and am working on getting one or two more.  If you know anybody give me a holler.  🙂

Every donation gets a raffle number assigned with it, so you have a chance at winning a $225 credit towards a free pen.  Free grind included if you want one, and free shipping in the US (discounted international shipping).

The rules for entering the monthly raffle are here.

If you want to enter for free, you can do that too.  Just send me a postcard with your name and email address, and write “Free entry to Newton Pens Scholarship raffle” and send it to

Newton Pens
PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

We also have some auctions going on.  So many people have been so kind and donated some really great items over the last year.  This month we have this– and some really great mechanical pencils, and 2 lots of vintage pen parts.  I’m headed out right now to visit a ceramics artist friend of mine to pick up a vase he’s donated to the auction.  I’ll post photos of that on Instagram once I have it in hand.  🙂


We’re going to be at the Dallas Pen Show this year on a wall somewhere.  September 28 and 29.  Come see us!

If you have any questions give me a holler – [email protected]  – THanks!


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  1. Shawn, you are amazing. Not only for making your lovely pens, but also for doing this scholarship. Thank you for giving back.

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