Scholarship Recipients 2021

It’s time to announce 2021 Newton Pens Scholarship recipients!

Johanna T, Emma L, Ashley V, Katherine P, and Christopher P.

Each student is getting $1,000.

All the money we raised is thanks to all of you who donate pens and stationery, and bid on our ebay auctions.  Thank you all so much.

And something fun – I just finished this overlay pen that was ordered WAY back in May of 2016.  The pen was completed in Jan of 2017 when his turn was up, but getting the overlay started and finished was a whole other production.

I sent the pen to a jeweler I was working with and he got started, but then sat on it and never completed.  He had it for a couple of years and I finally got it back mid August 2020, and sent it to Troy Breeding of Country Made Pens in Missouri, and he redid and finished the overlay on the cap and barrel.  Once I had it back I was able to measure the cap for the snake clip, build it in Blender, and then have it 3d printed in wax and cast in sterling.  I’m very happy with how it turned out.


3 thoughts on “Scholarship Recipients 2021”

  1. Wow: that’s an amazing pen! Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients and thanks to you, Shawn, for adding to the goodness and kindness in this world.

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