Scholarship for 2014 graduates!

#19 Won!  Congrats!

Sold 5 more last night! That brings the total up to $260 plus donated money and my part from pen sales! $90. That makes the total raised so far $350!
Thanks everybody!

Update!  Just sold 5 more!  😀

$400!!!  We’re off to such a great start this year.  I can’t wait to start getting those applications in!

3 thoughts on “Scholarship for 2014 graduates!”

  1. Congrats #19! And Mr. Newton, it’s amazing how much you’ve raised with just one raffle; continue at this rate, and next year’s recipients will definitely be getting a truly incredible windfall to help with their education. Bravo. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m amazed and incredibly grateful. This year’s scholarship should be great! 🙂

      1. As a low-income student, I feel very touched by efforts like yours. Every little bit helps, but the thing too many people forget is that wrangling those little bits into something substantive is a lot of work. I’m sure your recipients feel the same.

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