Pen Give-Away!

The Fountain Pen Community is hosting a pen give-away to help pay for hosting costs.
Here’s the post:

This year, The Fountain Pen Community is giving away a pen from Newton Pens!


Shawn Newton of Newton Pens, has generously provided a pen for the give-away! The pen is from his Custom “Medium” Pen line! It’s made with alumilite, and has a #6 Jowo point. This pen has a retail value of $175!!

To help our community, and help offset overdue board costs/expenses, we are going to send this pen to a lucky TFPC member! We are a member driven community, and we rely on member contributions to keep The Community active!


To enter the drawing, you simply contribute $10 to the board! Click on the Contribute tab at the bottom of the main board page. You will be directed to the Activeboard donation page, where you can make the donation. A confirm email will be sent to you, and the admin at TFPC (yours truly) will also be notified. A drawing number will then be assigned to you by the admin by email, and this number will be used in the drawing!

We will have the drawing on Friday, May 3rd! We need at least 30 people to participate (entries), and donate said $10 amount. You are free to donate more, and you will receive a drawing number for each $10 amount you donate!

This give away is open to members of TFPC who contribute said amount to board dues. The admin/mods of The Community (Frank/DWL/Chthulhu) are not eligible in this pen drawing. Adjustments to the the drawing date and/or number of participants are subject to change. The pen is provided to The Community by Newton Pens for the purpose of giving the item to the winning member of the drawing. Drawing will take place, and pen will be shipped to the winning member by Newton Pens. The winner decides the nib type/nib size/clip option(adjustment/additional fees may apply). Any changes or requests for changes and/or adjustments to pen will then be the responsibility of the winning member and Newton Pens.

Please refer to The Rules forum topic of The Community for more information and explanation of board policies/regulations. Furthermore, You expressly understand and agree that neither we nor the makers of the Community area software nor Newton Pens shall be liable under any circumstances to you whatsoever for any loss or damage of whatever nature suffered by you in connection with your use of the Community areas.

Good Luck!!


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