Painful lesson.

Cleaning plastic junk away from the tool rest is not important.  For over a year I’ve been brushing away bits of plastic junk with my finger.  This morning my finger got cut.

Caught between the turning blank and the tool rest.  Hurt.  The pain wasn’t so bad.  I was putting a band aid on and had to remind my oldest boy to go brush his teeth.  So my head was with it.

I went to sit down and everything started spinning and went black.  My kids were talking to me, asking me what happened, why I yelled in the shop.  All I could hear was mumbling.  A few minutes later I went and laid down on the couch under my youngest boy’s spiderman blanket.  He didn’t like me using his blanket so he came and laid down with me to make sure I didn’t mess it up.  Yes – he said that.  🙂  My kids are so cool.

So that was a couple hours ago and I just woke up from a weird nap where several of my students came to my house to CLEAN it.  I guess the thought of them in my house scared me awake.  😀  Hehehehe…

But I learned a little lesson and I’m going to go back to work now.  🙂

cut finger 1

I’ll take a picture when I have the guts to take the bandage off…

7 thoughts on “Painful lesson.”

  1. Don’t feel bad….Lots of people can’t stand the sight of their own blood or injuries on occasion. One of my high school biology teachers sickened at the sight of his own or anything slightly resembling it.
    When I was in dental school we had to draw blood on one another. Several male classmates dropped like flies. You’re in good company.
    Hope it’s not too serious!

  2. I feel you buddy.  Several years ago, I was drilling knock out blocks for Pendemonium with a 1/2″ spade bit and went to brush the dust off to see the next position.  I know better, but the bit grabbed and broke my finger.  Sometimes we get too familiar and don’t pay close attention.  Glad you aren’t hurt worse.   danny


    1. Ouch. I’m SO glad it wasn’t that bad. I’d hate to be out of commission for more than a few hours. 8-(

  3. Wow. Could have been worse. I hope your head is clear before going back to work. Our pens can wait a little.

    1. I think I’ll be okay. I’m typing a bit slower, being gentle with the poor pointer. 🙂

    1. Ouch! Not fun. Several of my students have had some serious run-ins with the x-acto knives in class. I offer heavy leather gloves for them to wear on the other hand as protection. I’m typing better tonight, so I think my finger is going to be fine. Thanks! 🙂

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