Nibs engraved!

I’m getting my nibs engraved!  I’m so proud.  I feel like I’m a real pen maker now.  🙂
Mike at Vanness Pens did this for me tonight in no time at all. I was so excited! I didn’t think it would be that easy. And it looks so good!

This bulb filler pen will be raffled off at the Arkansas Pen Show this year!  Want a chance to win it?  Then come meet us at the show.



7 thoughts on “Nibs engraved!”

  1. Well it is one step forward. NP is just monogram. For people to understand that it stands for Newton Pen this “brand” has to be famous. But even famous pens like Parker and Montblanc have both name and logo on their nibs. Full name engraving will be be the next step!!

  2. Yes, very cool……

    I’d play with some other fonts though….at that size, think that font is a bit too fussy, thus bit hard to read…..just my 2¢…. 😉

  3. Nice work on your engraved pen, well on the way to becoming an established brand I reckon, good luck for the future – we’ll keep our eyes open for you 😉

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