Newton Pens Scholarships – Total and an August Winner!

Hi Everybody!

Thanks so much for all the contributions and buying the student art postcards.  I’m already setting up times to meet with the art classes around town to get more art for new cards.

I had picked 27 last night as the winner, but turns out he’s already won once!  He could have accepted another pen, but instead sent me this:

“Wow! I can’t believe it. I’ve won twice. Folks, real people do win this and if you don’t enter, some of us end up winning twice.

I know I’m going to regret this many times, but this raffle is really about getting money to kids for schooling. So to help encourage more people to contribute by buying a raffle entry, I am going to forfeit this back and have Shawn draw another entry. Spread the pens around and make scholarship money available.”  -Ted A.


So that means #1 will get it!  Wohoo!  Congrats to Fernando!  I’ll send you an email and we’ll get started figuring out what your pen is going to be!

Now that August is over and September has begun, it’s time to start moving those postcards again!

So far we’ve raised $1297.67 for this year’s scholarships!

During the entire month of September, if you donate or buy a pack of student art postcards you’ll automatically be entered to win a pen.  When you purchase a set of cards or donate I’ll give you a number.  Every penny raised will go towards the scholarships and support students going to college.  Yes, you can buy as many postcard packs as you want, and for each pack, you’ll get a number.

The drawings are open for all to enter, from all parts of the world.  No restrictions at all.

The raffle itself is free.  If you want to enter the raffle without supporting the scholarship or helping graduating seniors (or getting any of those cool postcards) then all you have to do is send a note in the mail to:

Shawn Newton
PO Box 6084
Hot Springs, Ar. 71902

You have to let me know in your note that you’re entering the raffle, and you have to include an email address that I can reach you at.

Everybody who enters will be given a number in the order of postcards purchased or letters received in the mail, and at the end of the month I’ll draw a number to pick the winner of a custom pen.  I use as a number picker.

Raffle pens are limited to c/c filling system, steel nib of any size with any grind you want.  If you want any extra customizations, bands or rings, special filling system, gold nib, or anything else, there will be normal charges.

I will announce income for September and the winner of the custom pen on the last day of the month.

If you have any questions please ask – [email protected]

Donate or Buy Postcards Here

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