Newton Pens Fundraiser – update!

Hi Everybody!

First I want to say thanks to everybody who has supported our fundraiser!

We’ve raised $15,474 so far ($27,893 when you include shipping, pen blanks, nibs, and other materials, taxes and fees).

We’ve already broken ground on the office for Elizabeth and I’ve put in an order for the Tormach.  I’m financing it, but I will be able to pay a good chunk of it up front, which will make a huge difference in long term payments.

We’re going to run the fundraiser for another couple of weeks into December, and if you want to throw us your support, you can see how to do that here.

I’ve already started on single pen orders, too!

Belize Cenote Elizabethans

Belize Cenote Orville-Cs

And a huge batch of Arkansas Sunset for all your pens.  🙂

I’ll order the ebonite we’ll need at the end of the fundraiser.

I should have it in February or March.

The Tormach is ordered and on back order.  They’re best guess is February sometime.  Things are moving along!  🙂

Thanks so much!



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