New Piston Fillers available

To inquire or purchase, please email [email protected]

Small – Yellow acrylic, clear orange – $235


Small – Brown ebonite, clear gray with a cool smudge – $235


Small – NYH Teal ebonite, clear blue – $265


Small – Silver and black acrylic, clear gray – $235



Small – D Squared Brown Strata, clear gray – $255


Medium – D Squared Glowstix, clear purple – $245


Small – Green ebonite, clear gray – $235


Medium – D Squared Metropolis, clear gray – $230


Medium – D Squared Arkansas Sunset – $245


[email protected]

One thought on “New Piston Fillers available”

  1. Hello Shawn, I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy new year. I also wanted to congratulate you for the recent launch of your New Piston Fillers!! Phenomenal work.

    I hope to see you in Little Rock in a few months, until then!

    Ismael Martinez

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