New Pens!

Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re having a great December so far.  It feels so crazy that 2023 is already almost over.  About to start another year!

My oldest boy is about to graduate from high school, my youngest is finishing his Freshman year, and I’m so grateful that I can keep plugging away, making pens for all of you.  I couldn’t ask for a cooler job.  🙂

You can see the newest pens, added just this morning, here.

And there are lots of pen wraps available, too.  Elizabeth had some tucked away that she made a little while back for one of the last pen shows she went to with me.

I’ll try to get more pens finished and added to the store soon, so keep your eyes open!  🙂



6 thoughts on “New Pens!”

  1. Shawn, Elizabeth,

    You and Elizabeth are a breath of fresh air to the pen world. Johnna and I love your pens and the five pen wraps are a welcome addition. You may consider yourself lucky to still be making pens and pen sleeves, but we consider ourselves lucky that you are part of the pen community. Thanks for all you do to promote penmanship and education. Wishing you a joyous season and a healthy and successful New Year.

    Chuck and Johnna

  2. Rotten kids.

    You raise them, you manage to survive their adolescence, and they get decent again and useful (especially when one is cooking and realizes that one has forgotten an essential ingredient and lo! There is a teenager with a driver’s licence who can get sent to the store to save the day) and you suddenly remember why you had kids and then they graduate and leave home. It’s really a ridiculous system.

    But seriously, congratulations to your older child and to. you on the upcoming graduation! That’s fantastic.

    And I agree with Charles Jeffery’s comments above. You make the world a better place.

    Happy whatever you choose to celebrate, Shawn and family!


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